An old movie review Bridesmaids (2011)

BRIDESMAIDS is Judd Apatow’s first run with producing a said “chick’s flick” so I find it only fitting that my first review since high school be this raunchy, limit pushing, solid R for a reason, summer block bluster.

Considering I work at a movie theater and have the lay of the summer season and release dates down to a science, (and since i worked last night, the Saturday of opening weekend for this movie) I’d say they released at the perfect time to get the run of its money, it being prom/wedding season at the beginning of May, the movie was a top seller this weekend, comparable to THOR (its second week) and paired with the release of PRIEST, on the Friday the 13th weekend it is doing the opposite of bombing and is doing quiet well.

The movie begins with a bang in my book, a very, very awkward sex scene between the lead Kristen Wiig (her first staring role) and a dickish Jon Hamm. The scene is priceless, it gets the shock of the initial scene being that of sex, and the awkwardness we all face at some point in our lives if we are having sex with a person that is just plain not compatible with you in the sack. And just when you think the awkward scene is done with the awkward sex, nope, there’s a few more positions they go and show us as well. The point of the manner is that these two people are obviously not meant for one another. The next day your even told how Annie (Wiig) hates herself after sleeping with him (something that may or may not happen if you do have a fuck buddy or even just a one night stand) by the soon bride to be Lillian (Maya Rudolph). The two have been friends since the sandbox, and right from the get go you can compare yourself and one of your long time friends with the silly things they do and the conversations they have.

That makes the cast so relate-able, you really feel for Wiig and even Helen (the beautiful Rose Bryne of Get Him to the Greek) and their problems and flaws. There is a feud between the two for Lillian’s affection straight from the beginning when they first meet at the engagement party. Helen and Wiig have some of the best awkward, “oh my god, no don’t do that”, fight scenes that just make your stomach cringe at the mere thought of what is about to happen between them.

BRIDESMAIDS is peppered with great scenes that will have you on the edge of your seat laughing, literally I was like almost falling out of my seat for one of the scenes, that will keep you entertained during Apatow’s usual movie formula (love-able loser+quirky cast / hitting rock bottom after being introduced with films problem = finally self growth and a happy ending). But then again I love all of Apatow’s Apatow-ie films he makes for the summer blockbusters. His only fail is really just about YEAR ONE (2009).

The film has a great couple of scenes, the airplane being one of the most climatic one with all the bridesmaids, and a great car scene is probably one of the funniest. The cast is a great one at that as well, there are some hangover-esque characters in it though. You get a female version of Bradley Coopers character by Wendi McLendon-Covey, who hates her marriage, her 3 boys (which by extension through their mother have some scene stealing thanks to being the ripe age of finding out about masturbation and curse words), and the pleasureless sex she has with her husband. And then their is MIKE AND MOLLY’s Molly: Melissa McCarthy who is a female Zach Galifianakis, and has ugged it up quite a bit for the role, she has alot of good one liners and visual jokes. Then they even have an innocent one (Stu/Becca by the Office’s Ellie Kemper , but really she takes the cake with being innocent considering her husband will only have sex with her after they both shower, “separately.” So of course Becca and Covey’s character have some great banter.

Oh! and the cop who becomes the love-able loser’s love interest, he is adorable with his Canadian accent! You really fall for him.

Overall, Wiig is amazing for he first break out role, she has always been one of my favorites, shes a scene stealer in what some could consider be duds of a movie like Adventureland (2009). She is also one of my favorites in SNL, and this movie has actual heart, you really care about what happens to her, and the side character make it all the much more special. She great at pulling awkward, but she’s just as good as pulling bitch, and even loveable. It all prevails, like it always does. And you leave the movie satisfied and with side stitches. I would definitely  spend a bit, take a date night and see the film in theaters. It’s a great time with and all star cast, great writing, and all spectrum’s will like this movie. Some may find it a bit to raunchy, but come on, of course there will be some bodily fluids, sex, and depression to make a movie really good. Just turn away during the dress fitting scene, just turn away.

But they’re puppies in pink barrets. That’s worth sitting through some vomit right? Yeah I thought so too.

So shell out the 9.75, come see me at Levis (i work weekends) and have yourself a good laugh.

ALSO Tim from Tim and Eric Awesome show is in it. I have no idea why…. He has not a single line in the whole movie, maybe just for his looks? regardless, i busted a gut when i saw him there. 

Comment or like so I know these actually get read! Also let me know what I can do better, if its too long, or if your looking for something more, I will also take requests on upcoming movies. And how do you guys feel on a rating system? maybe out of 10?

For A comedy I give it 7.5 stars out of ten, maybe even an 8.

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