My First Blog

Dear Reader,

Hello, this is my very first blog, I would just like to tell you what my blogs will be about. They can very anywhere from movie reviews, whats about to come out, opinions on how women are viewed today, what music I may be listening to, and anything on sex or dating life, and if you, viewer, have any questions for me, that can go from movies, sex, music, dates, opinions on the LGBT community, drinks or going green I’m your girl. Personally I believe I would be a great “IT girl” if they were still around, and maybe thanks to this blog, my tweet account and others, I can be. You want to know more about any of these things? Have personal relationship questions? Want a second opinion? Want to know how to stay STD/STI free? Ask Jacki K. I’m your girl and I will keep you up on all the new upcoming trends that matter to these subjects. I keep a clear head when it comes to hot debates, and yet I can have some wicked weekends.


So please, read, comment, follow, and if you ever need any advice or just want to know what movie to see this weekend. Come here.




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