The Woman In Black (2012)

Today I had the fortune of viewing The Woman in black with a close friend     of mine, Zach. Thank god I went with a boy, because otherwise there would be some heavy lesbian vibes coming from my area due to the clutching of the hand and hiding into the shoulder.

So to say the least the PG-13 rated movie definitely delivered on not only jumps, but the psychological fears, and even the “yelling at the screen, don’t do that you dumb ass!” moments. When I first found out about the movie months ago at the Spike Scream Awards, I nearly shat myself. The  Daniel Radcliffe, one of my favorite actors, (yes I am obviously a Harry Potter FANATIC) in my favorite movie genre, horror. Here’s one of the first trailer’s for it Re-watching the trailer now I unfortunately see how much of it they really show that’s in all of the movie. I suppose that could be a good thing though.

So Daniel’s character is Author Kipps, a lawyer who is going to finish the settlement and will of an old woman who recently passed that lived in a marsh. A scary mother fucking marsh that becomes isolated when the tide comes in, in a town that is riddled with superstitious folk that of course “warn strangers” to get the mother fucking hell out of the town before something bad happens. So it’s a pretty typical setup when it comes to horror stories, so no letdown there. As the movie progresses, at a casual pace, the audience begins to sweat and sweat a little bit more. The story upon why there is a “woman in black” begins to unravel and you find out that when she is seen, somehow, someway a child is killed. The movie shows this and it is so twisted to watch. Which leads to me point out one of the great scenes that were shot. The wealthiest man of the county,  the only man with an actual car (1st car in the county, “still scares the town folks”), takes Author to the marsh house, claim he will pick him up at 11pm when the tide clears at night. Now of course Author makes the stupid move of “Oh no sir I’d like to work through the night.” STUPIDEST MOVE EVER, now the rich guy, claims he is not “superstitious” like the rest of the town but when you see his face at this and his offer: “well at least take the dog.” You, as the audience sigh and laugh a bit, and then think, WAIT NO, NOW THE DOG IS GOING TO DIE THE DIRECTOR HAD NO PROBLEM KILLING KIDS! But *one small spoiler alert* the dog does not die. Trust me every few scenes I was whispering “Where’s the dog!” to my friend, to my relief he was never killed. But this night, the scenes that followed that small breath of humor, are some of the scariest in the film, and makes the 10 bucks well worth the film.

That’s enough of a summary of the movie, I do not want to give anymore away about it. Not that I’ve said anything that wasn’t really covered in any of the TV spots or trailers.

The films lives up to everything I wanted it to be. It’s not a complete (2007) Dead Silence-esq movie because you do not hear the “nursery rhyme” at all in this film that is in the trailer’s, but it holds up to that kind of movie. I loved Dead Silence but I feel as though movie goers of any kind (whether they liked DS or not) they would enjoy this movie.

The acting is great, I applaud Radcliffe’s performance, and after the first 3 minutes of the movie in which I was chuckling to myself *Harry Potter with mutton chops, I freaking love this* I sank directly into the story. It is a great break out role for him to establish himself as a serious actor, because unlike Dead Silence this movie is much more credible and not so much cheese. There are a few scenes that do make you laugh out loud about but I take these as well deserved breaths of air that were inserted properly by the director to give the audience a break from the tension. The scenes were shot spectacularly and the toys you see in the movie are absolutely SCARY AS SIN, I AM SO HAPPY I WAS NOT A KID IN THAT AGE. The music goes well along with it, and it even does a great job of misleading you to believe that something scary is about to happen, then it doesn’t, and THEN IT DOES. Over all considering this is not even rated R and the film does a spectacular job of scaring the wits out of me (I nearly broke my friends arm when I was holding his hand and jumped like a little girl) without using gore or blood. There is maybe one scene with blood, a beautiful scene at that, and one gross out scene in the marsh. There is no gore in this movie which is why it’s so great to me, that they were able to get us scared with our hearts and our minds, not our stomachs like most horror movies out today.

I give this film a 9 out of 10 daggers for horror.


~Jacki K

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