Are women getting paid equally?

My prof in my woman’s colloquium had recently sent us this article –>
and I can honestly say that I was outraged by the fact that a woman who has a bachelors degrees only makes 66 cents to the mans dollar and a woman who finishes grad school makes only 63 cents! This is unfathomable! I know that this is just a census that was taken in New Jersey but it was difficult to find anything country wide or even just in Ohio, my home state. As a woman who will be getting a bachelors in May, and then following suit with a masters in the next two years, you bet your ass that I would want to get paid equally and also have the same advancement opportunities as a man.

Considering it is now the year 2012, I myself was ignorant in thinking that woman had equal pay. We already had the right to vote, and I personally don’t really care about myself being in a political race, but I never realized that woman are losing at least a full quarter to the man’s dollar. That may not seem like much but it adds up! Woman work just as hard in the business industry especially if they went to school for the same job as a man! Getting the same education!

My prof had also sent us a pdf with more information on Ohio’s wage gap. It was found that a full time working women makes $33,616 per year while men  working full time are making &44,563. That’s a $10,947 wage gap between men and women. When grouped together that is$16,703,205,837, to but that in perspective for you, that’s like 94 more weeks of food for a family, 9 more months of mortgage payments, and more then 3,000 additional gallons of gas. That is crazy that we are getting jipped that much money!

Apparently in the 112th Congress, the House of Representatives passed  the “Paycheck Fairness Act,” but fell short by TWO votes in the Senate. And yet in 2009 women were still only getting paid 77 cents to the dollar. And the thing that absolutely blows my mind is that women and men want this act to pass, along with democrats and republicans. So why does this not get passed? If we are such a democratic country why are the people not getting what they want?

So what ways we can help?

  • Write to your senators! I always seem to hear this one for about any gov’t problem but I suppose it works if you hear about it so much!
  • Wear red on “Equal Pay Day” which is April 17 this year
  • Host an “Unhappy Hour” talk to bars about women getting 78 cent drinks for the dollar drinks. Approach woman owners first! Or even women paying 78% of their bill and men paying the full 100%
  • Attend a local rally or make one!

Other websites I visited that may help you expand your knowledge:

~Jacki K


2 comments on “Are women getting paid equally?

  1. Love the graphic and the suggestions for activism. So if women have to pay the same tax rate as men, isn’t it only fair that they should receive equal pay for equal work? And why do so few women, especially young women about to embark on careers, know about the pay gap? What are they focusing on instead?

    Women should get a 32% reduction on everything they buy–cars, houses, medical care, clothing, dry cleaning, education since they are already at a disadvantage. Take the bar/drink idea and spread it where it really makes an impact (and doesn’t impair a woman’s judgement).

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