Real Steel (2011) DVD release

Tonight I viewed the recently released to DVD movie Real Steel with my mother. To say the least the movie would be classified as a classic B movie, character development was on the lower end, and there was only a bit of plot. I wasn’t all that involved in watching the first 10 minutes of the film, and perhaps that’s why I would feel this way about the movie. But to the genre name sake’s of Action/Drama/Scifi it does deliver in the Action and Drama department. The minute the robots starting slamming their metal fists against one another I was immediately immersed. Aside from the fact that the movie takes place in the future with robots that beat the crap out of each other, there isn’t that much scifi. My mother actually asked me “Jacki I thought this took place in the future?” To my reply “So did I….” There was a bit of drama in the middle and end of the movie, as to be expected in any plot with the classic rise and fall circle of action.

After reviewing the cast, the only one who I had known from anything previously would be Hugh Jackman. I usually love this actor, adored him in Van Helsing(2004), was in love with him in Australia (2008), and lusted after him in theX-men (2000-2009)series; never had a realized how bad of an actor he could be. This was quite upsetting to watch a man I once adored do so miserably on screen. I suppose that is how one accepts that the actor is only a B actor. A day in which I actually understand what this guy —>

The kids in the film,Dakota Goyo, was actually a grand child actor. You really cared for that little slugger at the end of the movie. Aside from the beginning of the movie, I hadn’t really liked the kid or Hugh Jackman’s character, the father and son duo that they were, were stubborn prideful little jerks who weren’t willing to change. As the movie progressed you really start to enjoy the little kids can do attitude after he stumbles upon an old rock ’em sock ’em robot that he wants to enroll into some robot fights.

Which is the plot of the movie. After his father, Jackman’s character, looses a robot fight by being a man (and flirting with some woman during the fight and becoming distracted) they go to a junk yard to look for scraps. At said scrap yard, there is a small robot that was apparently only built “to take hits,” and of course the kid wants to rewire him and make him into a fighter. As the movie progresses and the robot gets better and better you enjoy watching the montage of fighting and winning and more fighting (by not necessarily the robots).  To the point of the giant climax of the kid challenging “Zeus” the greatest robot fighter of the age to fight his little robot that could “Atom.” It creates a rawr in the audience and the world round, with a filled stadium days later all in anticipation of the fight. I will say this much it is a nail biter and you actually feel empathy towards the robot during the fight. It was an amazing and impressive scene. Probably the best in the entire movie.

For the most part, the acting is average, script is average, scenery average, but the robot ass kicking? Well that was bad ass.

5 out of 10 car crashes

~Jacki K


One comment on “Real Steel (2011) DVD release

  1. Is this a father/son “buddy” movie? That’s not a bad thing, but what role, if any did women and girls play in the film? Is this an example of a male-oriented film that women are supposed to enjoy? If female-oriented films are “chick flicks” (chicks being fuzzy infant chickens, not all that positive a reference)by what name do we designate a male-oriented film? And why is it that men hate “chick flicks” but the film industry and culture expect women to love male-oriented films? Are there human-oriented films with fully rounded female and male characters for everyone to enjoy?

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