The war against women’s bodies.

As the weeks have increasingly gone by, with different outcomes coming and going to what seems every other day, we women, have been butting heads continuously for our rights for birth control and choice against a world that is driven by conservative men and the church. After reading this –>

and this along with this I can not but find myself enraged. I am so frustrated with people acting as though they are allowed to tell me what I can and cannot do with me body. I mean hello! I’m not telling you what to do with yours! How about some dignified self respect for yourself and leave other people to make their own choices after knowing that all the consequences can be.

That first link up there talks about 4 different states, Iowa, Kansas, Texas, and Oklahoma all fighting the useless fight of ironically enough abolition abortion. Try saying that 10 times fast. They are trying to pass things like the “Personhood act” where after the egg has been joined by a sperm and thus becomes an embryo, they have the same rights as any person. Which leads me to think this: If a teenager has the same rights as any person, why are they being persecuted differently if they send out “sexts” to another person. Did you know that if a person under the age 18 send out a dirty picture or receives one of another under the age of 18 it is qualified as owning or distributing child pornography? For example if a 16 year old is in a relationship with another 16 year old, and with all those hormones that they have, begin to dirty text one another, and send nude/seminude photos of themselves to the other, they could both be charged and have some jail time? Lets say they both consent and the only way someone finds out about these photos is a parent goes snooping on their phone and find them. They decide to sue the other party. How in the world do these kids not get their own freedom of speech, when embryo’s who are not even capable of having their own coherent thoughts about ANYTHING, gets more rights then an already developed person in the world? What I am trying to say is that makes no sense!

Women should get the right to make their own decisions, and doctors should not be refraining medical advice to them either. One of those states up there were going to try to pass a law saying that a doctor can refrain from telling the patient that if already pregnant there may be some complications. Complications that could even lead to death. How is that fair to a life that is already in existence and has made relationships with family and friends? THAT BLOWS MY MIND.

And then there’s the church. Dear church, stay the fuck out of my business. That’s what I have to say about that. Why does it matter if my company will cover birth control, so I’m not squirting out babies ever other damn 9 months? So wait, wait, you can sit there and tell me that the insurance company can pay for VIAGRA, a drug that helps old men with erectile dysfunction, whom under the correct circumstances, by the act of god, should no longer be having sex; but when a young, vital women wants and can have sex, but is not ready to bring a child into the world yet, and is making a conscious effort to make sure that doesn’t happen, that, well insurance companies can’t cover that huh? Oh is it maybe because those old priests of yours can sit there and have an erection whenever they see a young, pure boy and can ruin the rest of their lives, is that why Viagra can be covered? Oh I see, it’s because you are a bunch of raging hypocrites. I get it now.

Personally I think we should keep fighting the good fight for our rights to our bodies. If I am not ready to bring a child into this contradictory world then you have to give me at least one, if you are so damn against me ripping a “person” out of my uterus, then you better as HELL, let my insurance company pay for the UNGODLY expensive birth control so I don’t have to do that. Any idea how much my name brand costs church/conservatives? It costs me 30 bucks a month and that’s just co-pay, if the insurance didn’t cover it, it would be around 80 bucks a pop.

You, the reader, may wonder why I am so adamant about birth control. Well I will tell you why, I have been taking birth control since the age of 12. “Wow” you must say; “whoreing around that early eh?” Actually no. I was 11 when I began my period and was not menstruating at all, let alone correctly. I would bleed 3 weeks straight to never actually have the egg follow through. It was a nightmarish year for me, and I thought something was wrong with me. Turns out since I was so athletic, yes even as an eleven year old, I had not an ounce of fat on me, and was not going through the normal stages of puberty because I was so lean. I then went to a gynecologist and so began my long, difficult, confusing war with birth control. Figuring out the right dose, when to take it in the day, and of course the battle between generic and name brand. So to you out there thinking, OH IT’S JUST SO PEOPLE CAN HAVE A CRAZY ASS AMOUNT OF UNPRODUCTIVE NONBABYMAKING SEX. You are quite simply, wrong. This was a medication that put me on the right track of menstruation, and it should be covered by insurance companies should it not? It was something that made me get better. So think about that. That’s all I’m saying.


~Jacki K

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