Reaction to Frilly… Article

After reading Frilly, Pink Culture Could Have Negative Impact on US Girls, I haven’t much to say. I believe that I stated quite a lot on that topic previously with one of our last readings from the first half of the semester. I agree that parents need to help girls realize they can be beautiful by being themselves. And having books, movies, and activities that help them realize their potential as a girl are a great stepping stone for these parents. They do not need to make their little girl into a doll-loving, pretty in pink, rainbow vomiting drone. Little girls need parents to help them realize who they can become. And parents need to realize that they are the ones molding their children into the adults they will become. It was a good read. But the article ( didn’t promote much thinking on my end that I hadn’t already done. Aside from that handy list that would be appropriate for girls to learn from. That was a nice touch.


~Jacki K

One comment on “Reaction to Frilly… Article

  1. It’s certainly best for parents not to cooperate with the whole princess thing, but I wonder how many can or would admit there is a downside to girls as princesses? What do parents and culture get out of this? Are many parents afraid to raise their girls to be empowered? I wonder. . . . Great graphic really punches up the “rainbow vomiting drone.”

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