A final review on my Women’s Colloquium

My semester has now come to an end, and the journey that I have taken in my Women’s Colloquium class has been an enlightening one. There has been numerous discussions made, reading opportunities, and documentaries that has opened up the world of feminism to me. Something I thought I had lost a long time ago. I am well versed in the idea of women’s rights and equalities issues better now than I was at the beginning of this semester but also better than my freshman year here at Kent. I do believe that everyone should take a course like this within their 4 years at a school. It really makes you realize more about the world and how it doesn’t just revolve around yourself. I am glad that this opportunity just sort of fell into my lap, and I believe I definitely made the best with it.

It is astounding to see how far we women have come. We have made such great strides to get where we are now, but if we lived in a perfect world, these strides would have never had to have been made. In a perfect world we would all be equal, but we do not live in said equal world. I suppose that is a good thing though. Because then we would never known of the strength that we have in numbers. We would never dream and try to succeed at being better, at becoming more powerful. And that is definitely worth a lot to me. I think that because of that, women have more strength than men, because they have something to overcome. Just like I believe that the LGBT community is stronger than the straight community. Now I am not saying one is better than the other, that is not my point at all. But when you have a problem that you have to overcome, you become a better version of yourself. If there is no conflict in your life, then you can never grow as a person and really experience life.

I guess where I am really trying to go here, is to say that we still have ground to cover here. We are not completely equal yet, and what we need to do is come together as a community and make that change. We are stronger united, not separated. Girls can be catty, this is one fact we can be sure off, some of us try to bring down others and this is not how we will succeed at becoming equal and stronger. We need to put our differences aside and become one community together, one system working alongside of one another to become the best that we can be; to never stop striving for that want of not being perfect, but just being equal.

We have much further to go, whether that is using our sexual empowerment, a pay raise, or equal job opportunities, we will have to fight for it. Because if there is one thing this class had taught me is that there is no change with only whispers, change is brought by going against the grain and fighting for something. Without a fight, we idly sit by and become stagnant, a product of our own demographic.



~Jacki K

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