Harrison back as Han?

If some of you did not have the best day yesterday, considering it was the ever frivolous hallmark holiday, I have some great news for you! Star Wars fans a like can rejoice in the news that Harrison Ford will be back playing Han is some manner. I heard the news first on cinemablend.com Do I know if it will be for one of the individual character spin offs or the soon to be updated trilogy? I have no freaking idea.

It is a bit to early in the game to know what he is doing and if its just for the money. I have some vague recollection that back in the day Harrison hated the Solo character. Which is why Lucas froze him off in carbonite in The Empire Strikes Back. I wonder if it is his old age that makes him reminisce  for his older films (like Indian Jones) or if Disney is just paying him a boat load of money.

I hope that it is the former. What do you guys hope to see with this new news? Would you prefer him in the new trilogy or as a beginning sequence for the spin off to see where Han ended up?

Personally I hope he comes back in the new trilogy, delivering what the prequels could not. I do not know if it is likely he will be a gun for hire, but perhaps he will be some sort of crotchety old father or grand dad figure. Because that just seems like what Han would develop into. I am sure there will be a focus around Leia and Han’s kids. (Not that i read the books, so really I am just guessing here, who is to say that they will even continue with previous works anyways.)

It is easy to claim that Han Solo may be the most loved character of the franchise (for men and women alike) so I exclaim Kudos! for Disney involving Ford once more. I do not think that anyone could ever duplicate Ford’s Solo. Maybe Downey Jr because he is a swarmy sh*t like Solo, but don’t quote me on that.

So readers, YAY or NAY to Harrison back as Han? Comment below and let me know!

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