Carrie Fisher Joining Episode VII

First Han and now Leia? Be still our unanimous beating Star Wars hearts! Late last night we heard rumors of Fisher reprising her role as the perfect Princess Leia and she has now confirmed herself that she will be a part of the film. Courtesy of Cinema Blend here is the following quote:Fisher's confirmation comments

So, we now have a confirmation of 2 out of our favorite 3 coming back? Fisher may just be the biggest surprise considering she has nearly dropped off the face of the earth when it comes to contributing to entertainment. She has been in some singular episodes for TV series throughout the years, but nothing as big as Ford coming back to Indiana Jones or Hammil lending his voice all over the animation universe but especially as Batman’s Joker. But of course my personal favorite role that Fisher had was in Scream 3 and here’s that clip for you now:


Where do you think characters Leia and Han will end up in VIII? I hope they will still be together and have a set of twins or kids of their own. If they aren’t together I think the entire fandom will either rocket up in fiery flame or will crumble into despair over one of the most famous couples to ever blossom in film history.

With Abbrams officially on the project and Michael Arndt as the screenwriter, what could possibly go wrong? No really, with all this new news are you more excited or less excited on Star Wars Episode VIII? Personally, I could not be more excited for it now, unless of course Hammil joins the crew, so fingers crossed on that one.

Comment below with your thoughts! I’d love to know what you think Fisher will be doing as Leia!

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