Zach Braff on Zach Braff on Conan

Last night was a great time to be a Braff fan. I have been a fangirl  of the magical, goof ball Zach Braff since the young age of 12! When Scrubs came on in 2001 I was a hard core fan from the beginning. I was there for all the tears, the laughs, (I prefer to act as though season 9 on ABC never happened) and guest stars. Last night on the Conan Show we got a little surprise visit from FLOATING HEAD DOCTOR! And the Scrubs fans burst out in laughter and in memory around the social networks. For those of you who missed it here is the video! Right around the minute mark the green screen goes into effect.

Braff was on Conan promoting his new (and first blockbuster) film Oz the Great and PowerfulBut the saddest thing about Braff donning the green screen suit is that the minute he was about to say something about Scrubs Coco interrupts him and then changes the subject. He never once mentions floating head doctor.

The show was great! Zach was by far the best part of the late night talk show, and it made me miss Scrubs all over again. I think I will begin to rewatch the series again on Netflix. So did anybody else catch the flashy Braff last night? Let me know your thoughts! I loved it and wish I saw more of Braff on TV and in films again. What I found odd was that they spent so much time on the contest Braff held about a year ago for his funniest fans. Zach said he would go anywhere in the world for whatever fan made video was the funniest during the contest. It was a great contest and it created some competition in the Braff community, but it was a fun ride none the less. I just wish floating head doctor would had been mentioned.


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