Clever, New Evil Dead Commercial

Poster of Evil Dead (2013)

The Poster is Attention Stealing too.


Tonight I was half heartily watching Family Guy on adult swim at 11 p.m. and I saw an AMAZING new commercial for the new Evil Dead movie coming out this Friday (4/5/13).  You can all count on getting a review from me on the new film Friday sometime, considering I will be seeing it at 10 p.m. Thursday night. Also, just thinking about how terrifying the new film looks I may write it directly afterwards because I probably won’t be able to sleep that night.

I have conducted many internet searches on both Google and Bing and have not found the original new commercial. But thanks to a reader we finally have it so here is the  GREAT, SPONTANEOUS, INTRIGUING, FUNNY, EYE CATCHING COMMERCIAL . I honestly applaud the creators behind the commercial because for the last week I have been force fed the grisly, gory commercials for the movie. And I am not going to lie, last week I was pumped, and I foolishly thought it was coming out last Friday. Silly me right? Well since I let myself down I have stopped paying any attention to the commercials, I’ve seen them a hundred times right?

Well the PR/advertising team sucked me right back in tonight with NOT SHOWING ME ANY SCENES IN THE MOVIE. That’s right. They are doing the remarkable marketing ploy of having a couple come into the theater, buy two Evil Dead tickets and the box office attendant says “good luck.” Boom, both mine and my boyfriend’s eyes shoot up from whatever was distracting us and pay attention to the commercial. The next 25 seconds consists of the couple buying a tub a popcorn, a medium drink, a shot of whiskey, 4 anti-anxiety pills and then the concession stand attendant suggests adult diapers for them. When they walk into the film, the commercial says they still aren’t prepared enough. And the man is even wearing the adult diaper. I CAN NOT GET OVER HOW CREATIVE THIS COMMERCIAL IS. I wonder if it is only airing on adult swim, because I have not seen it on any other channel, and it has that crude humor aspect to it which the adult swim audience loves so dearly.

Evil Dead has had other great commercials during the last week of March, where they show you the audiences reaction to viewing the movie. This stint has been done with other horror films like Paranormal Activity (4) and   Quarantine, but what makes the Evil Dead one better is that the entire audience applauds at some moment for the film. Showing that these pre-screened audiences actually applaud the movie only helps other hard core fans of this cult film want to see it more. Considering “remakes” do not always go over well. Also, in the earlier marketing ploys the movie was being referred to as a “reawakening.” As in “it’s not a remake, it’s a reawakening.”  Which helps smooth over any upset fans claiming that you could do no better than the original.

So as a PR student, I applaud you marketing team for Evil Dead. You did an outstanding job of gaining back my interest and most likely everyone else’s. One can only watch the horrifying, scary commercial so many times. I mean I was still going to go see the movie opening weekend, but now I am even more pumped up for it. So here’s to the advertisements that dragged me right back in.

(I have found one video of college students watching the film and their reaction, but this is not the original commercial.)

So until Friday, I leave you with this:

Creepy deadite under the stairs gif

Frightening, isn’t it?


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