Evil Dead – Gory but Good

Poster of Evil Dead

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Last night I was able to see a 10 p.m. showing of the new Evil Dead movie that was produced by original creators Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, and let me tell you it was one gory, gruesome, basic horror movie. Writing this review without any spoilers will most likely be one of the most difficult tasks I have ever been faced with as a writer. But I will do my best for you readers, and if you would like to discuss the movie or any spoilers comment below, and we will have a nice chat!

The new Evil Dead is a “reawakening” of Raimi’s 1981 NC-17 rated original, and I will tell you right now that the first one still gives me the heeby jeebies. Evil Dead does a great job of creating a new scenario for five teenagers being stuck out in the wilderness and creating a chaotic mess. This time around they aren’t out there for a romantic get away, they are there to have the main character, Mia (Jane Levy), detox from her addiction of cocaine. I believe it was her friends idea to take Mia back to her family’s old cabin house for her going cold turkey. Two old time friends, Eric and registered nurse Olivia (Lou Taylor Pucci and Jessica Lucas), are behind this plot, and eventually Mia’s brother David (Siloh Fernandez) and his doctor girlfriend Nataile (Elizabeth Blackmore) show up to support her.

Mia in Evil Dead

Evil Dead (Mia)

Having a junkie as the film’s protagonist really helps answer the audiences classic questions of  “why aren’t they leaving  yet?” “you really should listen to her” and “for the love of god, what are you doing that for?” So the fact she’s hooked on drugs really plays a key role in modernizing a scary movie for a horror savvy audience. Mia is the only one who smells the decayed smell of death rotting beneath the floor boards and everyone jut chocks it up to the detox.

With the basics out of the way I will go onto how the movie holds up as a horror movie.  I will admit, I had a few jumps but for the most part, director Fede Alaverz uses the basic “boo” tactic. The one where the camera pans one direction, pans to another, and then comes back and then the “BOO!” happens. And the film is just gory as it possibly can be, to the point of near torture porn. But if you have already seen the red band trailer you have seen nearly all the disgusting, big horror movie scenes the movie has to offer.

The climax is amazing though, it would mind blowing really. It is worth the price of admission for that alone. There are also some great, humorous scenes that are reminiscent of the original that will just tickle you pink.

Evil Dead is a fun, gory, reminiscing film that will make most fans of the original content with the remake, but sadly, it is not as scary as I was hoping it would be walking in.

Oh, and stay until the end of the credits. Just an FYI. 🙂

Gif of Ash laughing

Ash from the Original

6 comments on “Evil Dead – Gory but Good

  1. I happened to see this movie over the weekend and I was extremely impressed by how scary it was! You can tell it is an old scary movie classic based on how scary it was. I am not a big fan of scary movies but all the recent scary movies have been so mild that I do not mind them. Needless to say I had my eyes closed the ENTIRE movie. I agree that her being a drug addicts ansers a lot of our frusturated questions. The part of the movie I thought was the craziest was how it was set up to end three different times! They used their “boo” effect to make the audience believe it was ending when BAM someone else is possessed! I was definitley a fan of the cult classic and can’t wait for it to come out on DVD!:)

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