Identity Thief (What did Jacki K Watch? Day 03)


Today I watched Identity Thief  with my father. Of course I went into this film thinking it was going to be terrible, absolutely atrocious. I am tickled pink to report that it was pleasantly fun.  I watched the theatrical version on DVD, and I think I made the right decision on that instead of the extended version. The movie drags a bit, and  my dad became restless. I live tweeted for the majority of the movie. But eventually felt nothing more would need to be tweeted.

I must warn you though, I assumed this would be a “safe” movie to watch with my father. I was wrong. So wrong. *Spoilers* You wouldn’t think that there would be a sex scene in a movie between a (not-so) common criminal and a (straight-laced) family man, but then you would be wrong. And you would be watching what you thought would be a safe comedy with your father and then awkwardly watch a very vivid sex scene. Just laugh it off though, that’s what I did. You think that would be it for Melissa McCarthy and sex, but you would again be wrong. Just like me. She later has a small masturbation scene. In all honesty, I applaud director Seth Gordon for including two scenes of a woman cumming in a movie that only received an R rating, because as I’ve discussed before about how hard of a feat it is to accomplish that. *End Spoilers*

The movie relies on crude, brutish comedy, but it still manages to touch your heart. You begin to develop feelings for Diana (McCarthy) and you don’t want her to be sent to jail. McCarthy’s performance is outlandish as is the usual for her. She is perfectly cast for this role. Jason Bateman plays the same old family man character that he is always cast as, but honestly I feel as though he’s getting tired of being type-casted. He doesn’t do much with his role in this film as Sandy Bigelow Patterson. He doesn’t bring the film down at all, but he doesn’t do much for it either.

I hope Bateman gets to expands his wings sometime soon. I know he got to play something a bit different in The Change-Up but I can’t remember how good that movie was. it may deserve a rewatching.  He’s a great actor and I’d love to see him play a different character, but alas Hollywood can be a bitch.

I would watch Identity Thief while drinking with buddies, or by yourself. It’s one of those movies that could be funnier depending on your company. I wouldn’t pay money for it though. Wait for netflix to que it up, OR for FX to play it 28 times in one weekend. Then it would be funny, am I right?


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