ALL OF THE ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT (What did Jacki K watch? Day 04)

Arrested Development Poster work

Arrested Development Poster work

I did a thing yesterday. I started that thing around 2:30 pm. I didn’t finish that thing until midnight. I promised myself I was going to work out  after only a few episodes. I was being earnest too! Turns out it was just all a silly lie. I was a fool to think that I could stop myself from watching the entire fourth season of Arrested Development in one setting. A FOOL I SAY! But I don’t regret it. Not a single bit.

You may be asking yourself why I didn’t watch it when it was first released at the end of May. Well that’s because I had the good fortune of being in jolly ole London, England for two weeks. And I knew myself better than to begin watching it. Now you may be asking, well where the hell was this post last night? I thought this was a daily thing, I was waiting all day for your post! If you are asking that, I will call you a liar, a flattering liar, but a liar nonetheless. But to answer the question no one was really asking, it was because I was spent from watching seven hours worth of television in one setting on my laptop. I couldn’t look at lappy the same afterwards. I may have not regretted what I had done, but lappy, with her judgy eye’s. She knew. She knew what I did all day.

On to the actual review.  It seems fitting that there was about 7 hours worth of the new season after it was originally canceled by FOX seven years ago. Some people are saying the new season is too short. That there wasn’t enough. But to them I say,”Halt thy bitching! At least you havith more to watch…ith.!” Netflix produced 15 new episodes for our consumption, and that’s two more than FOX ended us with. The first season of AD began with 22 full episodes, the second season was cut down to 18, and then to the death sentence of 13 episodes of it’s final run on broadcast Television.

Creator Mitchell Hurwitz decided to go about filming this season in a different manner. Individualizing each episode to one of the main characters’ own “arrested development.” You can tell who the episode belongs to during the opening credits. The reason for this different story arc is because many of the actors couldn’t be around for many months at a time to film all at once. The only problem with this different style is that it really does only focus on that character’s problems. You don’t get to see the cast as a whole interact. About 9 episodes in and I wanted more Buster Bluth! Buster (Tony Hale) is by far my favorite character after the sharp tongue Jessica Walter’s Lucille Bluth. Tony and a Jessica are always a jem together. Their onscreen MotherBoy relationship is one of my favorite aspects of the show. I hope, if there will be a fifth season, we will see more of them together.

The cast is all there with bells on. It seems as though everybody is happy to be working on the witty show once more. Although some of them have not aged gracefully. It’s a bit surprising at how bad Jessica Walter and Portia de Rossi (yes Ellen DeGeneres’ wife) look in the new season. I mean I love both of them as much as the next gay man does (FYI I am a straight woman) but they do not look anything like they did seven years ago.

Lucille and George/Oscaar Bluth

Lucille and George/Oscar Bluth

Anywho. The writing is still top notch in my book, although I was not laughing aloud as much as I hoped. But during Buster’s episode “Off the Hook” I was cracking up.

Really it is up to you if you would want to binge watch the whole season. Who knows how soon the next season will be up? But you will be able to catch on to little jokes that were specifically provided because they knew people would be binge watching. I feel as though now I must go back and watch even more of ALL OF THE ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. If that wasn’t clear enough for you, I mean that I want rewatch the first 3 seasons.

PS there’s a scene where Tobias and GOB eat nothing gut Parmesan cheese and mustard. I have no idea why, but it’s perfect.

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