Sullivan & Son (What did Jacki K Watch? Day 08)

The colorful, tolerable cast of Sullivan and Son

The colorful, tolerable cast of Sullivan and Son

Have you ever watched Steve Bryne the comedian? His stand up is hilarious. I recall watching him the first time when I was like 17 in 2007. I may have slightly fell in love with him. He may be my favorite comedian. So I figured I would give the new season of Sullivan & Son on TBS a chance tonight. Because the only other thing I watched was The Big Bang Theory, and do we really want my thoughts on that? Do we? No. we don’t so onto Sullivan and Son!

Going into the show, I wasn’t expecting much for it, but it did deliver some chuckles with it’s racist jokes, timing, and guest star, that Asian  guy from The HangoverKen Jeong. It has a colorful cast of many drunks, whores, and one-liners that help round this un-original sitcom to into a tolerable state.

It seems like one of those shows that you can just step into at any part of the season and have a good chuckle. It’s on every Thursday night at 10 so it’s not like it’ll step on anyshow’s toes.

If you want a summary of what the Cheers reminiscent, bar show is about, here, watch this commercial and everything will be summed up for you:

Do you have to watch it? No. Could you watch it and not want to shoot yourself? Yeah you could, but if the laugh track doesn’t slap you in the face, than the jokes certainly will.

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