Smallville (What did Jacki K Watch? Day 12)

Season 3 DVD box

Thank god, Lois Lane replaces that Lana Lang bitch in next season

After watching Man of Steel on Monday, I claimed how the movie would be loads better if they just casted the same actors from Smallville into the film. Me being the stubborn bitch that I am, I decided to go back and finish the series. I never ended up watching the entire series due to conflicts (going to college and all can really eat up your nights) so I just kept buying the box sets telling myself I’d get back to it one day. Well that day was today. I wanted to start at season 4 (I left off somewhere in season 5 but wanted to backtrack) but began at season 3 instead because 4 is at my school apartment and I am at home for the summer. Pretty much a bunch of petty bull shit you probably don’t care about.

So, I opened with season 3 after Clark Kent (the bodacious, yet young Tom Welling) has discovered more about his heritage and has been introduced to Red Kryptonite. (That’s the stuff that makes him stronger but more of an asshole, kind of like Bizarro, but a younger, not as crazy version of him.) He is living in Metropolis after the stone is presented to him (as a test) from his echoing father Jor-El. Only one person knows where clark is, and that is his best friend, (formerly in love with him) reporter Chloe Sullivan. The rest of the character’s lives are in shambles as Clark (who is going by Kal, his birth name) party’s it up in the city. The Kent’s farm has been foreclosed by the bank,  Lana Lang (Clark’s ill-conceived high school girlfriend) is in shambles after her now ex-boyfriend (who she neglected) ran away from home, and Lex Luthor (yes Superman’s future enemy is one of his best friends, lol) is assumed to be dead. He is not though, much like his future rival the man seems immortal after his gold-digging wife drugged him and left him to die in an airplane crash.

I am only 4 episodes in but that entire opening is eventually resolved in the first three. And not by Clark either, it is the other men of the story that end up saving the day. Lex saves the Kent’s farm by buying it and naming them in the deed. But we all know that Johnathan would never accept such a glorious gift and especially from a Luthor. But Lex get’s Johnathan to accept the deed after he explains that if it were not for John and Martha’s wedding gift (a compass) he would have never survived the plane crash and made it to an island. (Awe, how touching, you covered your 2 year character development with some sneaky present, good job writers.) Johnathan is then the one who eventually brings Clark back (and shortly eliminating Kal) by gaining similar Kryptonian powers when he asks for Jor-El’s help.

Tom welling in nothing but a towel

Do you see how gorgeous this man is?

And there we are. After all this drama was set up at the end of season 2, everything is cleared up by the end of episode 3, season 3, and we are then back to the kooky plot line’s that usually surround some sort of “meteoroid  freak” in the middle of Smallville. And that’s what we all love isn’t it?

Looking back on this high school favorite of mine is fantastic. The acting hasn’t become that bad looking back, and I still, cannot stand Lana Lang, but the plot line is able to keep my invested and I enjoy rewatching them. Granted, it’s been, what? HOLY FUCK, I JUST LOOKED IT UP, IT’S BEEN 10 YEARS. 10 years since season 3 premiered. WHERE HAS MY LIFE GONE, WHY DID IT TAKE ME THIS LONG TO RETURN TO IT?! (Sobs uncontrollably in the corner staring at 10 year old photo of Tom Welling, wondering where the hell my youth went.) Anyways, it’s still just as easy to watch the episodes back to back like I did when I was younger. And I can’t wait to see where else this ride will take me this summer. It may be a long one considering how much more I have to watch (that being 7 entire seasons.).

If you were a fan of Man of Steel, or enjoy Superman and his origins in general, then you would love this (now retired) drama. It ran from 2001 (I was 11) to 2011 (then 21 year old me). Even though the episodes are 42 minutes long, it’s still something you should give a go on. And if you watched it when it first aired you will get all of the nostalgia feels like I did today.

DVD box of Season1

Remember this shit here? That’s straight up nostalgia feels for box set, season 1


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