Game of Thrones (What did Jacki K Watch? Day 15)

The back of the throne

The back of the throne

Yesterday a friend finally sat me down and forced me to begin watching Game of ThronesSomething I was avoiding because it was impossible to watch anywhere aside from HBO. And the fact that their DVD sets are outrageously priced. So there was a lot keeping me from this new cult phenomenon of a mystical world. I am currently 3 episodes in and I have to say, after a rocky start, I am ready for more Game of Thrones.

Now, no I have not read the books, but I was watching it with someone who has read the books and watched all of the seasons so far. Lucky me having someone to answer many of my questions and confusion. Because damn there are a shit ton of names in this bull shit. Holy frack, the first last name I was actually able to remember on my own was Stark House because it’s like Tony Stark. Dur.

Anyways. There’s a lot of fucked up things that happen in this show. If your interested in my live tweet stream during the first two episodes click on this. The thing I like so much about the show so far are the direwolfs. Those dogs are awesome, and I was real pissed during the end of the second episode. Like real mad.

This pup just ripped out an attackers jugular.

So when people say this show is all about sex and murder they really weren’t exaggerating.  I know being three episodes in it’s probably just the tip top of the iceberg. But the twincest? That was unexpected.

Drogo and Daenerys, one hot couple!

The show offers many twists and turns, and if you’re not paying attention closely enough you will get incredibly lost. But is seems well worth the confusion because there’s a smart plot, clever dialogue, and suburb acting. Emilia Clarke who plays Daenerys Targaryen probably performs the best acting I have seen in quite some time. I am looking forward to learning more about her character in the future.

The setting and background drop is beautiful. Nearly stepping into the shire at some points, while it seems as though you’re peering into a darker Pixar’s Brave during other moments. But the show does need to lighten up on the damn symbolism. Like holy crap, please stop busting my head against the bloody wall! I get it, winter is coming! Along with the white walkers and death! Along with whatever other hell will be happening this medieval world.

I have to say, I’m setting sail to see where Game of Thrones will take me in the next few days and  Iam excited for it. Let’s see where this bandwagon will take me and how often it will bring me to tears. Not to mention, the men and women are pretty attractive. I accept all hotness in all forms.

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