She’s the Man (What did Jacki K Watch? Day 16)

She’s the Man poster

She’s the Man is a wonderful teen comedy that came out in 2006 that starred Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum which I love. It’s clever, fun, awkward as hell, and loosely based of off Shakespeare’s Twelfth Nightso that’s cool right? Totally. So I don’t have to give you the low down on the synopsis of the film here’s the most accurate trailer I could find that isn’t completely bad.

Anyways, the movie is chalk full of amazing scenes which are delivered by the comic genius, Amanda Bynes. Which is who I really want to talk about. She has gone of the crazy, insanely deep, deep end. You can see that via her twitter feed or any recent tabloid that is wreaking havoc on her mental breakdown. It makes the film that much more difficult to watch knowing what is going on in her life.

A thing you might have to know about me is that I adore Bynes. She is one of my favorite actresses and when I was younger I wanted to grow up to be just like her. An amazing, beautiful female comedian. I still watch The Amanda Show and the original All That whenever I can at home with a better stream of cable channels. I ended up watching She’s the Man with a fellow Bynes fan and we just kept discussing how heartbreaking her current dilemma is. She’s pulling a Brittney Spears hard right now, and I really hope she ends up coming out better on the other side.

Amanda plays a terrible boy though, nobody should ever actually believe that she is supposed to be a boy. A lesbian maybe, but a boy is unbelievable. But that just makes the film more charming.

The movie is fun beyond belief and it will remind you of the good old, non-crazy days of Amanda Bynes. Or might send you spiraling like it did me into “WHY THE HELL ARE YOU THROWING YOUR LIFE AWAY, AMAN-AMAN-AMANDAAAAAAAAAAAA?”

2 comments on “She’s the Man (What did Jacki K Watch? Day 16)

  1. I love this movie! My friend & I randomly rented it and thought it was so hilarious. We can quote the whole thing now. Awhile back on the FTS cast (like 2010 probably) we did a top 3 list of actresses we want to see more of and she was #1 on my list. I feel like she easily could be more successful (like maybe taking a Anna Faris route) so it sucks that she seems to be at rock bottom right now. Hopefully a great comeback is in store.

    • I know, do you realize the last thing she did was Easy A? It must be difficult for her considering she was the star, and Channing was just a weak love interest for me. I forgot to ad this outrageous video to my post. Have you seen it? It’s hilarious

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