Mars Attacks (What did Jacki K Watch? Day 19)

Mars Attacks poster

Mars Attacks poster

This past weekend Jacki K ended up drinking a lot more than she watched TV or movies. Some movies Drunk Jacki did watch this holiday weekend was 21& Over, Independence Day, and Mars Attacks. Guess which one I’m going to write about on today, July 8th, the 66th anniversary of the Roswell UFO crashing? (PS You’re supposed to guess before you read the title.) Did you guess Independence Day? Well, since I should have written that review on the fourth and didn’t you would think today would be an appropriate day right? NOPE, just kidding this review is on the quirky-cult favorite Mars Attacks.

This comedy sci-fi was released in 1996 with an all-star, highly-dysfunctional cast just a mere 49 years after America first became infatuated with little green men from another planet on the historic summer day in 1947. Director Tim Burton brings A-listers like Jack Nicholson (as the US President), Glenn Close (the First Lady), Annette BeningPierce BrosnanDanny DeVitoMartin ShortSarah Jessica ParkerMichael J. Fox, and Natalie Portman (daughter of the President) and has them acting in the cheesiest manner possible together.

The plot is quite simple though, all of a sudden, with no warning, Martians land in America, and after they claim they “have come in peace” a dove is released from a by-standing hippie and all vaporizing hell breaks loose. And thus we finally have the crazy pandemic disaster movie that well all love in full bloom.

Look at this alien walking around as a human woman. Why the hell couldn't you see through this Short?

Look at this alien walking around as a human woman. Why the hell couldn’t you see through this Short?

The costumes really help make the movie that much more outrages. If it weren’t for amazingly terrible portrayal of an alien masquerading as a women trying to sleep with Short’s character (the Press Secretary) we would have never reached cult status as quickly as it did.

Mars Attacks is a great disaster sci-fi movie that will keep you laughing and entertaining the whole 106 minutes. It’s a wonderful, cheesy movie that you can watching during any season, by yourself or with numerous friends. And it never gets old. How could Sarah Jessica Parker’s head on chihuahua’s body ever get old?

How could this ever get old?

How could this ever get old?

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