NBC’s CAMP (What did Jacki K Watch? Day 20)



Camp premiered last night (Wednesday the 10th of July at 10 PM) on NBC, and ironically the only reason my review wasn’t written last night after viewing it is because I had to pack for my own four day camping trip. Suffice to say you readers of mine won’t be getting any new reviews for a few days. Camp is an hour long comedy filled with outdoorsy and camp like tropes that make you wish you had the chance to be a camp counselor once in your life.

Although Camp doesn’t really offer anything new to the table—we still have the counselors shacking up together, smoking pot, and drinking booze, while the owner of the camp is struggling to make ends meet, has a much more successful rival camp across the lake, a septic tank busts, and of course there are scantily-clad teenage girls anytime there is a lake scene—it is still a riot of fun and relatively fresh.

Like I said, it’s filled with camping tropes, but it’s like a guilty pleasure to watch. I myself am a HUGE Friday the 13th franchise fan and truly hope that they have a parody episode at some point this season, much like USA’s Psych did a few seasons back. All these camp counselors are doing exactly what our classic 80’s movies made us believe being a camp counselor would do, so it only makes sense to make such an episode.



And since I never was a camp counselor (a summer dream job laid to waste now) I would like to firmly believe that this comedy is exactly how it would have happened for me. I do realize that Camp is most likely portraying a false fantasy. But I believe this show was made specifically to help us non-counselors live out our summer dream this season. And perhaps actual past camp counselors will have a good chuckle at what this new NBC comedy has to offer.

I for one am very excited to see what the show will offer if permitted to show the entire season. I never know how summer premiers will go for new shows. The only way I found out about the show (on a network I never watch) was thanks to a suggested post that popped up on my newsfeed on Facebook yesterday. So thank goodness for that. But considering the show is about a summer camp, it only makes sense to premiere in July. That way, as long as it doesn’t get cancelled, it should end by the time school begins so it will feel like a real goodbye to the characters and Family Camp Otter (the name of the camp we are visiting). Having it at air at 10 PM shouldn’t cause a problem either, because it’s late enough at night and in the middle of the week, so viewers should be there.

I’m a bit surprised about how good the acting is in the show. For me at least, the entire cast is filled with no-names I’ve never seen before. But for never seeing these actors in anything else, they play the camp scene incredibly well. I didn’t scoff at a single performance, so go NBC on casting some great people. All the characters bring something important to the table and because I’ve never seen them in anything else, the characters feel that much more relatable.

The writing seems creative and fresh while sticking to the basics of camp life. Some of the plot is

If you would like to check out Camp’s pilot episode, click here to go to NBC’s website and check it out. After you watch the show, head on back over here and comment below with your thoughts, especially if you yourself were ever a camp counselor, what do you think about the show’s classic tropes?

It may seem tried and predictable, but they actually address that at the end with a very cheesy

Our recently divorced, struggling to get by camp owner who gives us a monologue

Our recently divorced, struggling to get by camp owner who gives us a monologue

monologue that sums up what the show will be with a few sentences. And that’s what NBC’s Camp will be like, a cheese fest of camp drama, comedy, character depth and development, but I promise you, if you check into Camp Otter you’re gonna love every moment of it.

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