Sabrina The Teenage Witch (What did Jack K Watch? Day 22)

Sabrina, my youth

Sabrina, my youth

GUYS GUYES GUYS GUYES, I am currently house sitting for my brother, who happens to have like hundreds more television channels than me. And out of all those channels what did the 23 year old graduate student choose to watch? Sabrina the Teenage Witch obviously.

And strolling down nostalgic lane was so much fun! I loved seeing the familiar characters and quirky plot twists. Seeing Sabrina get into her daily hi-jinks while trying to figure out how to be a teen is just as enjoyable now as it was when it was part of a TGIF lineup. It’s incredibly saddening to realize this show came out in 1996 and ended in 2003. I was between the ages of 6 and 13 when I was obsessed with a show about a teenage girl played by a 20 year old (in 1996). Isn’t that weird? We never realize as children that our “teen idols” are really not teenagers.

The episodes I ended up watching were when Sabrina was a sophomore in high school from what I could tell. Her and her high school boyfriend, Harvey, haven’t even kissed yet, and aren’t officially together yet. They are still playing around the hem of that unstable relationship.

One of my favorite characters from the show is obviously Salem, there pet cat who is actually more of a prisoner living out his life sentence (which for witches is really long) as a transfigured, domesticated, talking cat. I’m pretty sure he is the favorite of many other people because check out this great tag over on tumblr. Even if he was only a puppet half of the time.

Salem the Imprisoned cat

Salem the Imprisoned cat

Crazy Aunt Hilda is a close second, she is by far the more interesting of the tow, because we all hated Aunt Zelda, that tight butt stickler for all them rules.

Anyways, if you get the chance to go down memory lane, holler at me! Comment below on your thoughts of an old favorite!

Also, Thank the world for MTV2

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