Star Trek: Into Darkness (What did Jacki K Watch? Day 23)



So I finally got around to watching a not so legal copy of Star Trek: Into Darkness, but hey guys, I’m working two jobs and don’t really have free time when theaters are open, don’t get mad at me for watching one of the summer’s most special effects driven epics through a bloated lens on my HDTV at home after 10 PM. We movie watchers have to do what we got to do.

I will admit it probably wasn’t my best idea, because now I won’t praise the movie as much as I could have if viewed in theaters. I would have appreciated the movie’s gratuitous fight scenes, explosions, and cheekbones, that much more.

I'm a bit surprised I had to stitch these photos together and that tumblr hadn't made a post about the many cheekbones of STIT, but whatever

I’m a bit surprised I had to stitch these photos together and that tumblr hadn’t made a post about the many cheekbones of STiD, but whatever.

That’s a lot of panty dropping cheekbone action right there, click on the pic for a bigger version of it.

Anyways. STiD is a mediocre film that can hold your attention for the majority of the duration. I’m a bit surprised that it’s certified fresh for both critics and users. For the most part, the plot was predictable, and I feel as though the antagonist was too likeable. I know that liking Khan and playing into his hand was supposed to part of the central plot, but in the end I still liked him. Even after he almost *spoilers* blew up the Enterprise. But trust me, me liking Khan, would have gone straight into space if they would have killed off Anton Yelchin‘s character Chekov. Which for a moment I thought he fell out of the ship. *End Spoilers.*

Anyways, yes I might have a soft spot for the British actor Benedict Cumberbatch, because I’m SHERLOCKED, but that doesn’t give JJ Abrams any reason to slack off when it comes to better directing. In my opinion, Khan was just to darn nice to be the “ALL MENACING WARRIOR AGAINST STAR FLEET.” Come on, yeah he was tricky, conniving, and manipulative, but he was also kind, careful, and concerned. *Moar spoilers* And yes I realize that if he would have been successful in reviving his fellow people, the earth would have had some grade A bull shit to sort through  BUT, well shit, I don’t have a response to that. But still this Khan, if he were that bad, why did they end up refreezing him and not executing him? *End spoilers*

What I was really looking forward to though, was the execution of relationships in this new installment. And I have to say, they did a pretty bang up job doing that. I really enjoyed Scotty’s character, again in this, “I’VE BEEN GONE FROM THE SHIP FOR ONE DAY!” And of course, Spock and Kirk’s relationship was as adorable as ever. They did a great job when it came to character development. So yeah, their acting was pretty good too, Pine’s was a bit over the top sometimes, but I didn’t laugh too much.

I look forward to purchasing the Blu-ray copy of the film to give it a better chance. But as of now, Star Trek was much better than this half-assed written sequel.

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