Unstoppable (What did Jacki K Watch Day 24)

Unstoppable poster

Unstoppable poster

I ended up watching Unstoppable , (2010) not in one fluid continuity, but I still ended up seeing all 98 minutes of it. While also rereading The Sea of Monstersbecause I seriously cannot wait until August 7th for that bad boy to hit theaters. But coming an hour into Unstoppable on FX and then watching it from the beginning when it aired directly afterwards was a bit of fun.

I ended up watching it with my father, which was lucky for me, because he has some knowledge of trains and knew that this was a Hollywood adaptation of a real life story. He provided much information that would had been lost on me, and also told me when to look up from my book. So he has his perks.

Considering this is a film about a run away locomotive in Pennsylvania, with no people on it, only some form of hazardous waste,  it did a pretty intense job of delivering on the edge of your seat action. The true story apparently happened in Ohio though, and considering every one of my favorite shows or movies mention someone or something from OHIO, I WAS SURPRISED THEY CHANGED THE LOCATION. Sorry, I myself am from Ohio, and wish to be a part of the entertainment industry some day, and get real steamed when they bring up Ohio, but can’t take two god damn seconds to come out here and find a great talent just waiting to be unleashed.

Anywho. The handsome Chris Pine is co-starring with Denzel Washington on this ride to stop the locomotive before it reaches a certain curb that could cause mass destruction. Both of their acting skills preform well in this action thriller, and you really care about if they live of die. But I must say this one thing about the ending, so *spoilers* You know how Will, Chris’ character is having this legal fight with a restraining order thingy with his wife? And how this portion of the plot it supposed to make you feel bad for Will and hope that he works things out with his wife in the end? THAT MY FRIENDS IS PURE ADULTERATED BULL SHIT. In the end, they end up back together after his wife ends up watching the heroic deeds go on through newscasts. This is so bad for their marriage. Will did something wrong, he pulled a gun on an officer and scared the shit out of his wife. All because his wife wasn’t openly communicating with her husband and kept things from him. After she sees him save the train, she’s happy, and willing to go back to him, without even talking about, or finishing their thoughts on what kicked him out of the house in the first place. Just because your “prince” ended up saving some people, doesn’t mean that he’s radically changed and won’t flip the fuck out at you again later for something. That is real shitty Hollywood, real shitty. *end spoilers.*

Chris Pine jumping shit and being heroic

She’s totally going to come back to me if I save this train. IT HAS TO WORK

So aside from that petty, caramelized, happy Hollywood ending, the movie was enjoyable to pass the time. It obviously didn’t hold my attention the entire time, because I also read m book, but it held it when it needed too. If it happens to be on FX again, (which I’m sure it will be) go ahead and check it out.

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