Army of Darkness (What Did Jacki K Watch? day 26)

Army of Darkness Poster

Army of Darkness Poster

GUYS IT MIGHT HAVE TAKEN ME 17 YEARS OF PURE LOVE OF HORROR TO FINALLY WATCH ARMY OF DARKNESS, BUT PLEASE RESTRAIN FROM THE HATE COMMENTS. I love horror right? I have since the age of like 6. And I was always told that the Evil Dead is this amazing, cheesy, horror franchise of blood, gore, and crazy shit. But after I was scared and scarred after watching the first installment I dubbed the franchise to scary to watch by myself. I tried again when the new Evil Dead came out, and got through the first two before seeing the new film in theaters. At the time I figured it was all I needed. And I was right about that. But I was wrong about putting the movie off for so long.

Army of Darkness is by far one of the most fun, ridiculous, goofy, smart horror movies that I have had the privilege of seeing. It isn’t nearly as gory as the first two, but it is in deed a sequel to them. Hard to believe that a movie with hardly any blood shed is a part of the Evil Dead Franchise, but it’s true. If you need a quick synopsis, Ash get’s sent back to mid-eval times and must retrieve the Necronomicon, a book that can send him back to his rightful era, 1992. For a more fun, detailed synopsis watch the below trailer I found for you:

Anyways, the movie is filled with what I now realize, are classic quotes and hilarious moments. We get to see Ash hone in on his chainsaw skills again, but he also gets a metal, full-functioning hand, which isn’t nearly as bad ass, but I guess works better for him in the long run. I’d have to say that one of my favorite moments is when Ash barriers himself into a windmill (which is reminiscent of that old Mexican Fable of that crazy bat who fought the windmills, if you know what I’m talking about, do you see the eerie references?).

Anyways, Ash checks himself out in a mirror, then he then tosses the mirrion on the ground. his reflection breaks, and 20 or 30 little Ashes come out of the shard and begin tormenting our hero. They even tie him down like the small town people do in Gulliver’s Travels. I bet Bruce Campbell had a blast filming himself doing remarkably funny actions to himself.

Ash on Ash, on Ash on Ash

Ash on Ash, on Ash on Ash

The plot is silly, the acting is meh, but this movie is so bad that it’s good. I can finally understand why so many people sat there and told me the Evil Dead franchise is part of the  goofy, nonchalant horror genre. It just took me until the 3rd installment to see why.

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