The IT Crowd (What did Jacki K Watch, day 28)

Moss, Jen, and Roy

Do you guys remember that quirky British comedy that came out around 2006, but didn’t really hit the states until 2008? It was called The IT Crowd and to anyone who was unaware about the premise of the show, maybe thought that the show was about an IT CROWD. Like the popular crowd. The new IT item. You know, that end of the social spectrum. Ironically, the show is about something completely different. It’s about the I.T. Department at a high end business with many levels to one building in London, England. And as you can imagine,  the three main characters are quite awkward, and two of them are a bit  on the antisocial side.

Honestly, I forgot about how much I enjoyed the show when I was 18, but looking back now, I realize how much I was probably missing. At the age of 23 I now have much more knowledge about computers than I ever did then, and so many of the jokes are just that much more brilliant. Especially after visiting London myself, and being a bit more culturally aware of different jokes and references.

The show is based around 2 socially awkward computer nerds who are Roy and Moss, (played by Chris O’Dowd and Richard Ayoade, both of which I have a major crush on, Ayoade more so in this show. There’s just something about a nerd in glasses who doesn’t know how to handle himself around woman talk that I find arousing.) and their “Relationships Manager” Jen (played by Katherine Parkinson).

The show is bloody brilliant, but it’s a bit depressing that there’s only four seasons of the clever show, 24 episodes in total. I wonder though, is there even such a thing as the IT department still around today? Having the basic knowledge of turning something off and on again in today’s world is a needed asset.

I have watched nearly all four seasons in about 3 days and have loved every minute of it. It has its perks watching them all at once in a short sprint. There are running jokes that they continue on in the third and fourth season that was once sad lightly in season one. And it just so happened that some of the jokes affect with my everyday life on occasion. For instance, Moss’ invention of a bathtub ladder for moths was something I could have used today! I mean, not really, the moth was near the upper half of the bathtub today and wouldn’t be able to use a ladder anyways. But the fact that I watched the “Smoke and Mirrors” last night with the moth joke just made me shower that much more spectacular.

Here I am with my moth buddy.

Here I am with my moth buddy.

I love all of the actors and characters, especially Moss and Richmond (played by the amazing Noel Fielding), except maybe Jen. She’s a bit unbearable. The show is pure comic genius, and I highly suggest you give it a go, even if you don’t know what I.T. stands for in the IT Department.

Richmond, Roy, Jen, and Moss

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