We’re the Millers (What did Jacki K watch? Day 29)

We're the Millers* Poster

We’re the Millers* Poster

We’re the Millers was being advertised as the drop kick, funniest movie of the summer; now was it that? No, it was not. This was though. Was it funny? Yes, did it make me shit myself from laughter? No, could I have waited to see it for free or rental? Yes. Yes, I could have, and yes you could as well.

We’re the Millers, has an amazing cast that could deliver laughs and make you squirm in awkward pain, but I don’t think they delivered their full potential. It’s a fun movie to sit back and enjoy sober, but it may just be loads funnier if you’re drunk or stoned while viewing the movie. It only makes sense considering the nature of the film right? Oh, wait do you not know the premise of the movie yet?

Well the very handsome Jason Sudeikis is a drug dealer, who was stupid yet honorable enough to help his very naive 18 year old neighbor Kenny (Will Poulter) help a very rude runaway, Casey (Emma Roberts) . Casey was getting mugged by a couple of hoodlums who then rob Jason’s character David. They rob him not only of his pot, but his all of his money as well.  Que Ed Helms as a gringo drug dealer who then asks David to pick up a smidge-in-half of premium weed from Mexico. If David accepts the job (which he has no choice in the matter) it will make him an international drug smuggler. There’s a difference. You can even ask Wikipedia. David surely did.

David freaking out about this life or death matter, realizes that a bull shit, all-grade American family will be the perfect disguise to get him in and out of Mexico without any problems. Because lame-ass families never get questioned by the police.

If my synopsis didn’t entertain you enough with words, here’s some moving pretty pictures to help you out:

Oh, well whoops, there’s a tad bit of a spoiler in that trailer. Gringo Helms isn’t really meant to have the weed. So, David and the rest of the Millers have unintentionally stolen from a high pin Mexican drug dealer. So that would be where the rest of the chaos is delivered throughout the rest of the movie.

Honestly, the movie had so much more potential than what Director Rawson Marshall Thurber actually delivered, which is just so disappointing. Many of the movies funniest moments happen in any of it’s numerous trailers or commercials. Oh but the bloopers, those were brilliant, might just be the best part of the film. Aside from that prosthetic dong.

Although, many of the jokes are unpredictable and leave a nice, unforgiving sting,  the movie itself is predictable. But isn’t that what we expect out of our Summer Comedy movies? Our lovable asshat fucks up royally with the people he was finally becoming close to, but crawls back in the nick of time to save the day and their relationships? If it’s what we as an audience has come to expect, it only makes sense to accept the tired trope.

We’re the Millers has a rotten score of 42%, an audience score of 81%, but is near the bottom of the box office. Don’t get me wrong though, I will probably give the Millers another shot when I can download the film and create a drinking game in their name. I bet it will be loads better then. Or perhaps really, just much worse. I tend to be incredibly skeptical when I’m drunk watching a movie, but that’s just when I’m alone. We’re the Millers is definitely a buddy comedy.   I can tell you one good thing about the movie. It makes me want to watch the fuck out of Horrible Bosses again. I was kinda hoping this film would be like the sort of sequel to that unforgiving comedy gold mine, but alas, it was not.

Haha! We're not nearly as crude as dem der Bosses!

Haha! We’re not nearly as crude as dem der Bosses!

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