The World’s End (What did Jacki K Watch, Day 33)

The World’s End Poster

The World’s End is a smart, clever, spectacular British comedy that we thick Americans should all be able to enjoy. It may have been about 5 years since the creative team behind Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead has graced the screens around the world, but it was well worth the wait.

The World’s End is a comedy that tackles numerous fearful topics of today’s age, but is still able to deliver laughs and sincere thought. The movie isn’t just about five friends coming together 20 years later for the unfinished Golden Mile in their sleepy home town. It’s quite the opposite. It’s about five friends who drifted apart from one another after graduation. Four of which have created stable, normal lives for themselves. While Gary King (Simon Pegg), the leaded of the group, is found to be in some sort of group therapy, dressing the same, and has not grown up in the least. He was stunted after the friend’s first attempt at the Golden Mile. He claimed even at the age of 18, that he knew that would be the best night of his life. And he really, very didn’t want to be wrong.

Look at them cute young tikes!

Look at them cute young tikes!

Past that basic theme, the movie also derives great symbolism towards alcoholism,  enablers, the human race, the human race’s great dependency on technology, dependency in general, the strive of being prefect, “Starbucking,” and of course, a bit of materialism.

Frost, Director Wright, and Pegg

The movie over all is a fun ride to end your summer on. I give it two thumbs way up! But I am a bit biased, I am a fan of this creative team and enjoy seeing their collaborations. And I’ve got a bit of a hard on for Simon Pegg. Anything that he’s in, I dub brilliant. Even that cooky episode of Doctor Who with the Ninth Doctor.

It’s always nice to see cast members from the previous movies reprise a similar, or not-so-similar, role in new films. Some familiar faces in this installment include Bill NighyMartin FreemanJoe CornishDavid Bradley, and of course Nick Frost. Freeman and Frost are part of the Five Musketeers, Frost being Andy Knightly, previous best friend of Gay King, I mean Gary, I boy named Steven stole my laptop away.

The movie has plenty of jokes and is well written. Although, I do have a better appreciation of the British comedy and settings now that I’ve actually been to the U.K. Watching a shit ton of British tele doesn’t hurt either. Just so you know, when a man or a boy asks or calls a woman “fit” it’s the equivalent of our terms “hot” or “sexy.” They aren’t really asking if she’s still in shape.

A running gag in the film is “Starbucking” as a referred to earlier. In this instance, the boys are talking about how all of the once quaint different bars that in the past had personality, have all turned into the same looking pub, with the same beers, and the same deja-vu feel. They cleverly call this phenomenon “Starbucking.” Then there’s another brilliant shot of the boys walking in unison that just takes my breath away. It’s smartly done especially with the placement of the scene and the information they just found out about the town.

I love this Unison bull shit

I love this Unison bull shit

On top of the writing, The World’s End‘s cast is fantastic as well. I have to say, I was all over that Martin Freeman, but as a Sherlockian, I just can’t help myself. Nick Frost has a much more heart-touching character in this film then in Shaun of the Dead, but soon enough he becomes the drunk monkey we’ve all learned to love. A shout out to the supporting actors Paddy Considine and Eddie Marsan as the two other childhood friends, and Rosamund Pike as the quasi-love interest.

Fence gag for the 3rd installment.

It’s nice to see that Director Edgar Wright is keeping up the the fence gag. It’s a bit of his trademark now I would think. You can see one of the humorous fence scenes the the trailer below. (Or this wonderful gif I found for you.) But before I present you with that, just leave this website knowing that the cast pulls together to bring life to the sarcastic, yet witty writing styles of Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg. If there is one last movie to see before the end of the summer, it’s The World’s End. 

And for my savants in PR and advertising, the below picture takes you to  some outstanding clever propaganda.

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