Hot Fuzz (What did Jacki K Watch day 34)

Hot Fuzz poster mimicking Bad Boys II

Hot Fuzz poster mimicking Bad Boys II

After watching the spectacular The World’s End, I might have decided to go on a Wright/Pegg kick, but you see it isn’t my fault. Wright/Pegg collaborations (the trilogy that we have now) end up doing notoriously well.  The three films have an average of 90.5% on Rotten Tomatoes, and Hot Fuzz rings in with a 91%.

And it has good reason too. It’s jam packed with action scenes, under the table jokes, quirky quips, wonderful camera work, and a perfect soundtrack. Although, if you’re American, like I am, may I suggest that you watch it with the subtitles on? I watched this movie the first time when I was 17 in 2007 (world wide), and had to turn on the subtitles. The accents are way thicker in this movie than they were in the 2004 Shaun of the Dead. But watching the movie for a second time now, years later, I have caught onto so many more brilliant jokes. Some of which you may not catch onto without the aid of the subtitles. There’s some really clever word play, song play, and continuity jokes in this film that make it worth your two hours.

Anyways, Hot Fuzz is a satirical parody on the “buddy cop” film genre which does it’s job so well, it seems so generous with its heart that it turns itself into a sincere buddy cop movie. But isn’t that when you did a significantly wonderful job writing and directing your film? When people don’t even realize that it’s a satirical take on the genre? Id’ say so.

The following list is Edgar’s work and the genre he parodies and most memorable moments:

1.) Shaun of the Dead 2004- Zombie Horror genre, the Queen Breakdown, because having Queen playing in the background while you beat the shit out of Zombies is gold.

2.) Hot Fuzz 2007- Buddy Cop genre, the lengthy grocery store shoot out, because there are some lively lines and awesome gun play.

3.) The World’s End 2013- Disaster/end of world genre, I don’t have a current scene. But I will try to update it once I watch it again on DVD, so instead I leave you with tap water.

The acting is phenomenal. It’s surreal to see Simon Pegg play a straight-laced, by the book copper. You really get to see Pegg’s range of acting between the three films by Wright. Frost plays the usual drunk monkey, and this film is where the joke actually comes from. The Andes, the two jack arse defectives played by Paddy Considine (who also played Steven Prince in The World’s End) and Rafe Spall, are a delightful duo who steal away any scene they’re in. Olivia Colman as Doris Thatcher (the only police woman they have on the force) is a bruteful, shocking delight as well.

A cuddly monkey, Pegg, and a stuffed animal

A cuddly monkey, Pegg, and a stuffed animal

Overall, the movie is worth a rewatch, and a (possible) first watch if you haven’t seen it yet. It’s clever, fun, action packed, and a wonderful sarcastic ride.

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