Friday the 13th 1980 (What did Jacki K Watch, Day 35)

Movie Poster

Movie Poster

A long long time ago, I was a young little thing around the age of 10 or 12 and found myself fascinated with the supernatural, including the lore around Friday the 13th. This lead to a young girl eventually marathoning  rater R Horror flicks right around October of 2011, about two years before she got to see her first Jason film in theaters, Freddy vs. Jason

So here’s the plan, like I do near every Friday the 13th, I will be marathoning the Franchise. 12 movies in 12 days with 12 reviews. This includes posts on the 8 originals, 3 spin-offs, 1 remake, and at the end a drinking game.

Anywho, although Friday the 13th is probably my favorite horror franchise, (it also being the one I’ve watched the most) the original film is atrocious. I mean I love it, I do, but the acting is bad, the death scenes are meh, and the twist ending doesn’t age well. But it doesn’t stop me from watching it. At least once a year since 2001, which means I’ve watched it, wow, probably about 20 times. That seems like I’m rounding down a bit too. So, instead of giving you a synopsis, I’m just going to assume that you enjoy the terrible film and give you a quick rundown of some of the quirky or redundant things I caught on while watching the cult classic Friday the 13th the umpteenth time.

But first a timeline of events thanks to Enos the Truck Driver who casually sets up our time frame before Annie the silly hitchhiker gets sliced.

1957- Jason Voorhees “drowns” in Crystal Lake while the counselors are off boning.

1958- 2 camp counselors are murdered while fooling around

1962- “bad water” whatever that means. By the by, why hasn’t anyone gone and revisited that plot line? Like the water is poisoned because of the dead child’en’s at the bottom of the lake. But I suppose that at some point it’s inferred that Pamela Voorhees poisoned it, right?

1963-1979? Fires?

Annie getting Sliced

Annie getting Sliced

And then our story begins in 1980. Annie our daft little cook is killed by a stranger who picked up her and her thumb on the side of the road. But before our Annie is killed Enos tells her the horrors of Camp Blood. Annie then unwittingly claims “I’m not afraid of ghosts!” Which, obviously she should be, because the ghost of Jason is what drives his mother Pamela to kill the new workers at Camp Crystal. A bit more of foreshadowing is delivered by Crazy Ralph who should have been listened to when he drunkenly stumbled onto camp to deliver his warning of death and decay.

One of the cleverest lines I had never noticed was delivered soon after Crazy Ralph’s departure. The counselors are all eating a bit of dinner and somebody says: “How can you eat that, it looks like a dead animal!” “Dead animals?! You must be talking about the old counselors!” This is a very short and nearly mumbled line and even after seeing the film numerous times, it took me this long to actually catch it.

A few other random thoughts:

Is that the Virgin taking a boot away after hitting up some dope?

Is that the Virgin taking a boot away after hitting up some dope?

Virgin character (Alice) was two buttons away from removing her shirt, when the wind conveniently blows open a door and ends the game of strip monopoly.

The cop that takes Steve Christy almost back to the camp after the storm gets called to a car crash, with possible fatalities and 3 passengers.

But there’s a total kill count of 11 (including the snake) so I guess that means everyone lived in car crash? Damn these unresolved questions.

The last thing I would like to leave you with, is that the first and the last person to die on Friday the 13th at Camp Crystal was the camp’s hired cook.

Ehhhh, because Pamela was the cook at the camp in the 50s, and Annie was going to the cook in the 80s.

Boom, I just blew your mind. You’re welcome.

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