Friday the 13th Part 2 (What did Jacki K Watch, Day 36)

Part 2 Poster

Part 2 Poster

Yo dawgs, you heard I liked the Friday the 13th movies so I wrote some more Friday.


I just finished Part 2 of the Friday Franchise and there is a copious amount of interesting things that was presented while watching this film for the (insert # here) time. Between the original and Part 2, Part 2 has always been better to me even though Part 1 scores better on rotten tomatoes. I’m not sure why it has a worse score. Part 2 has a better cast, slightly more creative kills, the same piercing soundtrack, utilizes “Killer POV” more often, a more insightful plot, clever lines, and is much more crucial to the rest of the franchise.

Although Part 2 is released in 1981 (one year after the original, and two years after the original takes place) it is actually set three years in the future. It is supposed to be 1984, (the same that Elm St. is released) five years after Pamela Voorhees is beheaded in front of the not so dead Jason.

So Part 2 comes out during that time back in the 80s when horror films still occasionally believed in continuity from one film to the next and tells us what happened to our lone virgin female. Don’t worry though, this fad dies out soon after. I mean they killed Alice off before the title even shot onto the screen.

Eventually, we are introduced to the much more colorful cast (even though the one black guy leaves 4 minutes after his only appearance) and are told about the tragedy of Camp Blood that had happened at a nearby camp site that shares the water front of Crystal Lake. (And just so you know, I meant colorful, as in interesting and more attractive, I wasn’t really playing the race card. Not yet, that comes later in the franchise.)

I don't think Walt had that in mind for Mickey.

I don’t think Walt had that in mind for Mickey.

Now this movie has some pretty good “cut-to” scenes that deliver decent enough laughs. For instance, when Muffin, the dog owned by the obligatory titty-hard-on, braless tramp, comes toes to paws with a strange character in the woods, the scene cuts-to hot dogs being roasted on a fire. Lolol, get it? I’m sorry, I’m in such a sarcastic mood tonight. I’ll try to cut the crap.

Another clever moment in the movie is after Jeff and Sandra (the obligatory couple who can’t keep their hands off of each other) are caught snooping around what they think is the campsite of all the murders. They do this after being told not to of course, but you know they wanted “bragging rights” when they returned home. Muhahaha, as if they would!

Anyways, when they are brought back to the camp their supposed to be at (you know I think it may be nameless) the cop wants to know if they’re going to be punished! Paul (the owner of the camp to train counselors) scoffs and tells Ginny (his assistant and our future lone protagonist) “No seconds on desserts for Sandara and Jeff.” Which is funny, because they’re just going to have sex later after dinner/firsties on dessert, so they would have seconds regardless, in your face Paul. 

Ginny, our eventual survivor who gets carted off into an ambulance (to never be seen again, like I sad, the fad fades) is majoring in Child Psychology! A minor character detail I never paid attention to when I was 11 and watching the movies. Now it’s funny for one reason and interesting for another. Funny- how terrible of a major that is, and how one could never really get a job in that with only a bachelors degree. Interesting- It factors into her eventual character development and us leaning about Jason. You know that really stupid bar scene, where she ends up dissecting how Jason would be if he grew up to a man who watched his mother die? At a young age you’re just like “stop beating it over my head! I know that Jason’s the killer and he’s pissed about his mom’s death!” But she’s telling us because she majored in child psych. Ahp, I lied, it’s funny for two reasons. She then uses that knowledge to try to stop Jason from killing her. Hahaha, who ever thought that was good writing? Damn.

A list of other interesting things/dumb ass moves:

The scene to gruesome for an

The scene to gruesome for an “R” rating, it was cut. But i found it for you!

  • Reprisal of arrow/harpoon death. The Baconator is killed directly after sex with a arrow/harpoon item. Sandra and Jeff are killed during sex by a double impalement by similar object. That’s clever. Because of penetration? You get it? Eh???? Sorry, I said id’ stop being sarcastic, but now I’ve just replaced it with blatant cheesiness.
  • Vicki (possibly) looking for wheelchair-bound Mark UPSTAIRS. Bitch don’t be so dumb.
  • “I don’t plan on being in this chair for the rest of my life”- Mark. LOL
  • Reprisal of female protagonist shouting her male counterpart’s name (Genny: “Paul, Paul!” Alice: “Bill! Bill!”
  • By the way, the Fuck happens to Paul?
  • Death count: 9: Alice, Crazy Ralph, the police officer, Scott, Terry, Mark, Jeff, Sandra, Vicki


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