Friday the 13th Part 3 (What did Jacki K Watch? Day 37)

3D poster LOL

3D poster LOL

I always found Friday the 13th Part 3 to be a fun installment of the series, but obviously not the best. Like many of the “Part 3s” of the horror genre in the 80s it was filmed in 3D. Not that 3D glasses would help in watching my Friday’s through a box set, but it does serve for some really cheesy moments in the film you know were supposed to be in 3D. None of which are scary, just a bloated cheesefest of an already tired trope. Even the music that plays during the tired 3D opening credits has gotten cheesier. It becomes this crazy, almost techno type of music being played over parts of Friday’s original score.

The film (after opening credits) begin on Saturday night the 14th. This is portrayed from the newscast that is being watched by one of our first victims the night after the events of Part 2 happen. The news anchor claims there have been 8 deaths, but really it’s nine, and I never found out why they had that miscounted.

So this is the film where we learn how creative Jason is as a mass murderer. He utilizes the pitchfork a lot more in this film, but he also kills the first ethnicity role (Hispanic) with a harpoon gun after he dons his infamous Hockey Mask for the first time after killing the Joker of the film, Shelly.

This is also the fist movie that introduces more “main” characters in the series. That way we can have a bigger death count in the end. After we meet the main 8 young adults waiting to have a fun weekend with drugs, booze and alcohol, we meet a motorcycle gang of 3. If you can even consider that a gang. Which I don’t think you can. So we get even more of a colorful cast which leads to the eventual more deaths. Which is what we watch the films for, right?

He dripped blood onto his lover. I suppose she gets to know how it feels now right?

He dripped blood onto his lover. I suppose she gets to know how it feels now right?

Interesting Stats of Part 3:

  • First introduction of “colored” characters. 1 Hispanic woman and 1 Black woman (both die by penetration that wasn’t wanted)
  • The 2 main lovers (the girl is pregnant by the way, so does that cont as two lives? Jason was not Pro-Life in any sense. Hahaha, oh snap, this was another double kill, like it was when they reprise the harpoon kill in Part 2. Clever.) are killed after their sex scene. Like in all the movies BUT, the fellow is mangled to shit and then put in the head boards above the hammock/bed. He drips down onto his satisfied lover after she lays down after a shower. She is then penetrated through the neck from below, much like the Baconator in part 1.
  • Reprisal of female protagonist shouting her male counterpart’s name (Chris: “Rick! Rick!” Genny: “Paul, Paul!” Alice: “Bill! Bill!”)
  • (For my fellow Doctor Who fans) Books! The best weapons in the world!

    Mrs Voorhees dream sequence/reprisal

  • Ends with Chris (our female protagonist) in a canoe again. You can tell that is was once red, and is now painted green for some silly reason.
  • The end survivor (Chris) had actually had an encounter with Jason about a year before the events.
  • Final Death Count: 10 (11 in total if you count Jason’s small death)
  • Jason get’s his Axe Mark in this film from Chris

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