Friday the 13th Part 4:The Final Chapter (What did Jacki K Watch, Day 38)

The Final Chapter Poster

The Final Chapter Poster

The Final Chapter opens with a montage that tells the audience about the killings of the previous 3 movies, regardless that certain deaths were not all committed by Jason.  This is probably why that bitch Casey got the question wrong and ended up killing Steve (I’m talking about 1996 Scream). Anyways, The Final Chapter has a lot to offer in this installment, aside from the fact that it is by far not the final chapter in the Jason franchise. But the mash up of the previous deaths is much better than replaying the last 10-15 minutes of the previous film.

We then open at the barn on the farm where we are told 10 were killed before the murderer, Jason, was killed by the final kid in the woods. Jason is taking to a nearby hospital, and a very horny mortician named Axle tries to seduce a sexy nurse. This fails on a gigantic scale because who the hell makes out with a serial killer’s dead corpse behind them? Well, actually, they do for a little while, until Jason’s hand slips and touches the Nurse on the back while they were making out on a gurney (this was apparently unscripted). Talk about going from horny to scared in .5 seconds. Which is an obvious underling theme throughout the entire series.

So the hospital scene happens on Sunday night of the 15th. When we meet the rag tag team of new teens on their way for some fun in the sun it is Monday the 16th.The second film in the franchise that does not happen on a Friday the 13th but the first to take place during the actual year of release, 1984.  The climax of the film is then on Tuesday the 17th. So part 4 rounds out 3 movies that released in the time span of four years, the crosses 5 days. *whew.*

Meet Tommy Jarvis.

Meet Tommy Jarvis.

There’s more clever word play to be had in this installment. A family is a part of the cast this time around. They are neighbors to the kids who are renting out the cabin/house next to them. This the Jarvis family. The youngest is Tommy Jarvis, who is about 11 or 12 in this film, and he becomes a key player in the next two films. Trish is Tommy’s older sister and they live with their mother. When Tommy comes into the house like any other day and happens to eave the door open, Tommy says something along the lines of “we live in the woods!” And Mrs. Jarvis says “There could be a maniac on the loose!” If she only knew how right she was.

And as promised, the following is a list of fun factoids about Part 4, The Final Chapter:

  • This movie has the most nudity in it, all thanks to that skinny dipping scene that was induced by those slutty twins, Tina and Terri
  • Tommy Jarvis may never be able to have a normal erection ever again. The poor guy probably got his first one when he got a glimpse of those horny teenagers nuding up and having sex in a room with their curtains open.
  • “Jimbo” the “deadfuck” dies after preforming well in bed, while looking for a corkscrew to open a bottle of wine. Double irony, because Jason stabs him with the corkscrew as he’s asking his doped up friend where it is.
  • The brother-sister dynamic which was used in the 2009 remake, was used TWICE in this film.
  1. Rob Dryer- Older brother of Sandra from Part 2 is at the camp investigating, which is weird considering she died all of 2 days ago. The fuck you doing Rob? Shouldn’t you be at her fucking funeral, or help planning it or something you douche? Rob is part of the near final show down. He dies screaming “he’s killing me!” over and over again, which might have created one of the funniest moments in the franchise.
  2. Tommy hugging it out

    Tommy hugging it out (his hair makes sense in the film, gotta watch it)

    Tommy and Trish Jarvis- while Tommy is the main man who kills the shit out of Jason, Trish tries to self-sacrifice herself to save her younger brother from Jason’s murderous hands. But Tommy is a douche and ends up not running away. But he ends up being the real hero of the movie, and eventually the next two. (Spoilers, sorry.)

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