Sleepy Hollow (2013 Fall Premieres)

Sleepy Hollow Poster

Sleepy Hollow

This Fall Fox has something new worth watching. Are you a fan of horror? Are you a fan of mysteries? What about time travel? How about men with accents and long luscious locks? Well, if you enjoy any of those things along with classic timeless tales, Sleepy Hollow on Monday nights at 9 p.m. will be totally up your dirty stone alley.

Sleepy Hollow is chock full headless puns, but hey they’re to be expected right? They also have some very creative ways to show decapitation as well. Including the Headless Horseman loosing his head, there are a total of 5 heads being lost in this pilot episode, but they are all well placed and creative. Some of the transition scenes are pretty innovative and can be appreciated at a whole new level for network television. I applaud the extra effort that went into the filming and setting structure that went into even just this pilot episode. They treat it nearly like a Hollywood blockbuster with some of the brilliant shots.

By no means is Sleepy Hollow an original idea, but they do spin it to have it become a bit more original.  It opens during the revolutionary war in the late 1700’s in a battle scene. After we watch both the soon to be headless horseman and Ichabod Crane sustain deathly blows, Crane falls to his death to only be broken free from his grave in one fowl camera swoop. As he takes his first breath of 21st century air, the Headless Horseman is on his way to his first new kill. So they TIME TRAVELED! Where was the blue box?! I saw no blue police box! But this is one secret the writers do not reveal.  Not yet anyways, they may never, because, they kind of address it, yet kind of don’t so yeah.

So we have Crane, the Horseman, and a black lady Lt. that goes by the name of Abbie MIlls played by Nicole Beharie (42) that comprise the main character list. Everyone else hasn’t even been listed on the IMDb page so I can’t really name off anyone else as key players. Beharie does a much better job at acting then I originally credited her for, it took me a while to be won over, but eventually she proved herself.

Sleepy Hollow with some clever picture play

Sleepy Hollow with some clever picture play

I am truly impressed with the acting in the show as well. I am astounded with Tom Mison‘s work as Ichabod Crane, he really brings a much more sexy character to life. And for once, I am perfectly fine with new Hollywood sexualizing  the once petrified, scrawny Crane. But one of the reasons he comes off as a sexy turn of the century (not this century though) colonist is because of his braveness. Instead of cowering and running across running water this man helps fight the headless horseman. He’s actually the man who (spoilers) made him headless! (End spoilers.)

Speaking of spoilers, it is very difficult to write this review without lacing tons of spoilers spewing all over the place. I am honestly surprised with how much important information the writers revealed in this first episode. It makes me curious to see what they have to offer for the rest of the season. But they seem to lay down plenty of different areas to tackle.

I would like to comment more about the amazingness of just this very first episode, but I refrain due to the fear of spoilers. But if you are looking for some scary business on a Monday night at 9 (conveniently after How I Met Your Mother) then I suggest you tune in to fox, and watch the new split, I mean hit, show this fall. You can watch the pilot episode if you click below.

Watch the Pilot Episode instantly!

Watch the Pilot Episode instantly!

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