(19 Reasons Why) Zombieland is Awesome

Day 1 of BoOctober, 31 days of some sort of horror movie, counting down to the best day of the year, Halloween. Reviews will be taking place in list formation, because when it comes to time, I’ve about as much as an obese person running from the living dead.

I'm the fat man, and that zombie is time.

I’m the fat man, and that zombie is time.

1.) Zombieland is the prefect movie to watch on the first day of the government lock out, remember that opening scene?

2.) Columbus’ easy breezy list of rules and the clever presentation

  • Cardio
  • Double tap
  • Beware of bathrooms
  • Seat belts
  • Travel light
  • Check the back seat
  • Use your thumb
  • Limber up
  • When in doubt, no your way out
  • Enjoy the little things
  • Don’t be a hero
  • Be a hero

3.) Fun word play/amazing writing

And that’s all before the amazing opening credits! Which clocks in at number

4.) The best opening credits of a zombie film

5.) Woody Harrelson/Tallahassee

7.) The Twinkie Delema

6.) The Twinkie Delema

7.) The grosstuitous amount of blood, guts, vomit, and black bile, making it not just comedy, but a real horror movie

8.) Use of that banjo and “You got a pretty mouth”-Tallahasse

9.) Zombie Kill of the week

9.) Zombie Kill of the week

10.) the irony behind breaking everything in the Indian Gift Shop

11.) Teaching Little Rock how to drive and her explanation of Hannah Montana

12.) The overall excitement Columbus has about who you’re gonna call

13.) Actually the entire Bill Murray scene set

14.) Underneath the Horedy there is a real emotional element under Zombieland

15.) The characters pulling some blatantly stupid bull shit like turning on an entire amusement park. Like really? But it had to be done I suppose.

16.) Why would a motorcycle ever be a smart move?

17.) When Columbus runs for cover from the zombies in a haunted house in the amusement park

Really just all the irony in this movie

18.) Really just all the irony in this movie

19.) The happy ending, for everybody

For a full list of Zombieland rules, see the below poster. You’re welcome.

Survival tips

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