(28 Reasons Why) I Know What You Did Last Summer is quintessential to the slasher genre

Day 3 of BoOctober and I am viewing the movie based on the 1973 book by Lois Duncan, I Know What You Did Last SummerAll of these reasons do not support the title of this article, but many of them do.

1.) So that man that the teenagers eventually “kill” looked like he was contemplating suicide, How is there even a movie?

2.) Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character of Beauty Queen is a sarcastic look at teenager’s perspectives at a brightly lit future.

3.) “Dawson’s” Beach is mentioned

4.) Lenard Hofstadter is in this movie and he is a jerk.

5.) The 4 original cast members sit around and dissect the urban legend of the man with the hook at makeout point

6.) Sex scene between Freddie Prinze Jr. and Jennifer Love Bewbitt in the beginning is pretty surprising considering their the final pairing in the film. Jennifer’s character is presented as the almighty virgin, When clearly, she is not.

7.) Lol, Freddie you didn’t hit a dog. It was the drunk fisherman you hit man, he’s all bloodied up.

8.) The girls seem to be the only smart ones in this very bad situation.

9.) Ryan Phillippe‘s character exclaims that they should treat the “dead” fisherman as a “lunatic with hook for a hand” which is what the killer eventually becomes, and is the same urban legend they spoke about earlier.

10.) 90s Nostalgic overload.

11.) Obligatory black character is Jennifer Love’s eventual roommate. I wonder if Scream 2 stole that from this 1997 horror film that came out one year earlier.

12.) Exact secret revealing note: “I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER!” But that single exclamation point really pulls away from the heaviness of that note. It should have ended in a period. Or maybe even a skull and bones, I think that would drive the point home so much more.

13.) “Start having a great life” is playing in the background right before we see how shitty Sarah the Beauty Queen’s life has gone to shit.

14.) Bewbitt will now always remember the day she lost her virginity as the day she killed a man, what a bummer, but not the first time it’s happened in a slasher flick!

15.) What reason does the killer have for killing Lenard Hofstadter? He didn’t kill anyone. He wasn’t even in the car! Poor guy, all he ever did was like the wrong girl. Same thing happened to Randy in Scream 2.

16.) Bitch! (Sarah) Why aren’t you locking your door?

17.)  This movie does a great job of foreshadowing and symbolism. Probably from the movie being based off of a teen novel.

18.) The original.

19.) A rain slicker as a disguise is actually really clever, considering it takes place in a fishing town. Those slickers are everywhere,

20.) For the movie being rated R, I think they kept the blood to a minimum, which is very lame.

21.) Sarah’s character actually removes her shoes to run away from the killer. Whoa, kudos to that being thought through.

22.) Clever writing to have a marching band and fireworks going off while Sarah’s character struggles with the killer and eventually loses.

23.) When Jennifer is cornered into the boat out at sea, the dock isn’t that far away, don’t you know how to swim? Wouldn’t it make more sense to jump into the water and swim back to shore?

24.) Anytime a girl holler’s a guy who’s getting attacked’s name, it ends horribly, why you screaming their name? Freddie’s character was obviously doing fine before you screamed “RAY!”

25.) Jennifer why are you screaming? They are already dead, when you discover the dead bodies in the ice, you’re just giving away your hiding position, have you never played hide and seek?

26.) Jennifer really does become a scream queen in this film. Bravo!

This movie is all about poetic justice

27.) This movie is all about poetic justice

28.) Cheesiest dialogue ever happens after Freddie and Jennifer kill the killer. “I understand your pain.” What a load of crack.

3 comments on “(28 Reasons Why) I Know What You Did Last Summer is quintessential to the slasher genre

  1. Great list! This movie really is a classic slasher, corny bits and all. The four main cast members are just 90’s gold and looking back at the style and everything is like a time machine. I really want to rewatch this now.

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