(13 Reasons Why) Carrie (1976) was nothing like my own High School Experience

1.) That opening Locker scene was filled with so much tits, bush, and ass, I thought I popped in a porno. I distinctly remember everyone trying not to see each others body changing for gym, not to mention we were never given enough time to shower afterwards.

I could not find a better photo, but the movies on Netflix, go hunting.

I could not find a better photo, but the movies on Netflix, go hunting.

2.) My sexual education program wasn’t the best, but I know none of us girls flipped the fuck out when we saw blood coming out of our hoo-ha.

Why didn't you tell her momma?

Why didn’t you tell her momma?

3.) Even my principle wouldn’t fuck up a student’s name that many times.

4.) Girls were mean as shit, but they weren’t writing “Carrie White eat shit” on gym walls.

5.) If those girls in athletic detention realized all that exercise was helping them get in shape for prom, they would all shut the fuck up.

6.) Girls might of been giving blow jobs, but they wouldn’t be able to keep saying “Billy” with a mouthful of cock.

7.) You could go to prom without a date. What misogynistic bull shit.

8.) Get-r-Done was actually uttered by every dumb ass jock boy in the school

I bet you didn't know that JT said that phrase

I bet you didn’t know that JT said that phrase

9.) I don’t recall seeing that much THO at my prom with anyones dirty pillows.

10.) No small town school gets a band for prom, ever.

11.)  No girl would wear a baseball cap to prom, that’s just silly.

12.) Everyone did not clap that damn much when king and queen were revealed, holy damn.

13.) I sure as hell didn’t have some telekinetic shy girl get drenched in blood and go ape shit on everyone, especially only when a few of them deserved it.

This didn't happen

This didn’t happen

And this certainly didn't happen

And this certainly didn’t happen

So in conclusion, are you guys pumped for Carrie (2013) being released tomorrow? I am, I’ll be watching and eventually posting.

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