Psych: The Musical

USA Network gave psychos a special gift on Sunday the 15th, and I’ll be damned if the giant hiatus (May 29th until now, and another hiatus until Jan 08th) wasn’t worth it, because Psych: The Musical was pure brilliance. The musical is a two hour spectacular that delivers laughs, just the right amount of song and dance, mystery, and a load of surprise guest stars. I cannot guarantee no spoilers, but I can try my hardest. Not to mention you can see all of my spoiler-y goodness while I live tweeted the show.

“The Musical” takes place before Juliet finds out that her boyfriend Shawn is a major liar liar pants on fire. They went about telling us this in a poor manner. But I suppose the writers thought the story was jammed-pack enough already to have to try and deal with that story line anyways. The two hour special is focused around finding an escaped mental patient that eventually is thought to have killed a stranger in the park. Shawn, Gus, Lassie, and Jules are accompanied by fellow mental patient, Yang. Yep, that’s right, the serial killer, hyper genius from season three and five makes a surprise cameo to help solve the missing person case which also happens to be kind of a cold case.

The first hour is more “musical” based, but that second hour is so full of surprises, that you hardly mind the lack of singing. We get to hear poppy, catchy songs accompanied by clever, sometimes hysterical choreography from Shawn, Lassie, Gus, Jules, Chief Vick, Corner Woody, and one special guest star I will not reveal.  But, of course Henry refuses to contribute.

Buzz McNab tried a few times to join in on the singing, but Lassie was having none of that musical nonsense in his department. The writers have the cast break the fourth wall many times in this episode, probably by each main character, and since they were creating this goofy musical, it is much needed. It adds to the quirk of this ground-breaking episode. If you can actually believe it, Lassie and Shawn share a dance together which is reminiscent of the Tango. And Lassiter not only has the most wonderful, manly singing voice ever, but he does an Irish jig which is very, very familiar. Chief Vick ends up being carried around like the Queen Bee which is well deserved.

That's messed up right?

That’s messed up right?

There were puns, jokes, chemistry to be had while this amazing, melodic episode created warm fuzzy memories thanks to Director (creator, and co-writer) Steve Franks and Writer Evan Cohen. There are numerous tongue in cheek moments that make fun of other famous musicals. West Side Story, The Phantom of the Opera, and The Pirates of Penzance get either a visual aid or quick quip about themselves added into the script. And all of the songs are very familiar; specific chords and riffs sound an awful lot like either Belle’s opening song in The Beauty and the Beast or any other musical film.

You can spot the pineapple in the opening dance number, and you should probably look past the pitiful plot holes. The mystery and case surrounds an un-shelved play “The Ripper,” which was written by the escaped mental patient ‘Z.’ Back when the play nearly opened the first time, a horrible fire broke loose and killed an unfortunately placed critic that was going to kill the show before it even premiered. And then that condemned play house was apparently never touched again! Nobody ever tried to fix it or knock it down. The entire theater set for “The Ripper” was never even removed! And for what reason? So we can have our climatic scene in a charred playhouse? There are other plot holes a plenty in Psych: The Musical, but you can look past all of them thanks to the charming delivery of the cast. Small errors, like plot questions, can be over-looked upon the first watching, and one can just enjoy the ride.

Overall, this musical episode was not only put together splendidly, but was well deserved for the fans. My biggest complaint though? For a two hour spectacular, there were not enough snacks.

This is going to be all of us psychos until Jan 8th

This is going to be all of us psychos until Jan 8th

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