Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, a Summary in Gifs

In 2004 a legend was born, and that legend was a misogynistic, scotch-loving mustached anchorman of channel 4 KVWN, located in San Diego, which loosely translates into “a whale’s vagina.” In celebration of the return of the renowned character, I re-watched the original and fell in love with the character all over again. And I know I’m not alone when I say that 10 years was far too long to wait for a new installation of Adam McKay and Will Ferrell‘s story of a new steam from the 1970s. Below is a compilment of gifs that make up some of the most awesome moments of Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.

Our journey begins with the hero of our story’s first words:

It’s Incredible really.

We then meet the rest of the Channel 4 news team:

Hello Channel 4 newsteam

There’s the man in the field Brian Fantana, a mathematical-moron who knows his way around a musk store department:

Only the sexiest of sexy sex panthers.

Only the sexiest of sexy sex panthers.

Sports nut Champ Kind, known for his catchphrase:


Whammy, yeah his catchphrase is “whammy.” He’s not all that lucky with the ladies. (Because he’s a closet gay)

And the most lovable weather man that there ever was, Brick Tamland:


“Brick, do you want to invite me to a party in your pants?”

Life is good for the KVWN news team, they rank as the number 1 news team 12 years in a row! And in no way is attending the same party for 12 years sad!



Soon, the news team’s very foundation is shaken because of an “old wooden ship that was used during the Civil War Era.”


All of the men try feeble attempts at hitting on the new team member, Veronica Corningstone. Ron, being the only successful one:

“Mr. Burgundy, you have a massive erection.”

And then of course, Ron woo’s his new found lady friend with some classic jazz flute:

Jazz fluting it up

Albeit, he’s a bit eccentric

They eventually make their way to pleasure town:

Pleasure town on unicorns

Probably the best sex scene for a PG-13 movie ever.

And they successfully date for a while, even though Ron announces to all of his friends who his new lady lover is:

Unfortunately, there were no gifs of their rendition of Afternoon Delight

Unfortunately, there were no gifs of their rendition of Afternoon Delight

But eventually, life falls for the very high Burgundy, after one simple act of littering. His beloved dog Baxter:

“You know I don’t speak Spanish!”


The punt scene

This happens after the burrito is chucked onto Black’s face.

And Ron finds himself in:

In a glass case of emotion. Veronica steps in, and reads Ron’s news, while he’s, well incapacitated. And the Honeymoon phase is finally over:


It goes on for quite some time then.

Eventually, the boys get in the most epic battle San Diego has ever seen because of some smack talk about the new female anchor:

It gets pretty intense

Really, very intense

Which apparently:

Brick killed a guy!

Soon after, Corningstone finds out that that Ron will read anything that is put onto the prompter:

San Diego.

Thus using the PG-13’s one “Fuck.”

Ron’s life soon goes to shit:

“My sweet Brick!”

He lives like this for awhile, until his boss Ed Harken calls him to cover the news story of the summer, because Veronica had “suddenly disappeared. Fucking Public News.

Ron cleans himself up, and calls for his news team to assemble:

With a conch.

With a conch.

Turns out Corningstone was shoved into a BEAR PIT! The news team helps her out:

Furry Funniness ensues




And that, is the story of Ron Burgundy, summarized in gif formation. Bonus Brick gif about bears:

Also, he loves lamp. The most overused quote from the movie, which is why you do not get a gif of it.

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