Rain Man (Day 02 of 100)

rainmanSo after a boring beginning to my 100ish days of Summer blogathon with All the President’s Men (72), Rain Man (88) has restored faith back into my daunting yet wonderful task of watching the top 100 rated films. The original film on Rotten Tomatoes top 100 list was an old foreign film, which I then decided to replace with Rain Man, which has been listed on other top 100 lists. I am happy with that decision as well.

Going in, I did not know much about Rain Man, aside from a few over-saturated pop culture scenes and phrases, one particular scene we all know so well is from The Hangover in the casino when the Wolf Pack pull a Rain Man counting cards. So I knew about that, and the fact that the term “Rain Man” is usually a colloquial for intensely smart but very socially awkward. Aside from that, I didn’t even know that that Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise were in the movie! But this drama can hold your interest and your heart for the entire 2 hour movie. I felt as though I was about to cry at any given moment in the movie because of the amazing acting and overarching theme of family and abandonment.

What’s amazing about Rain Man is that even after, nearly 30 years, the film holds up because of those themes, although the soundtrack is a different story. Even though this film only has one female character, she is bold and strong enough to make up for the lack there of, and it’s acceptable in this case  considering the story is about Raymond (Hoffman) and Charlie (Cruse) Babbitt. Although this is not a film I would watch over and over again, I must recommend watching it at least once in your life. The grand transformation that Charlie and Raymond create within one another is breathtaking, and the film reminds you not only of the lives mentally handicapped people have robbed of them, but also that even the biggest, most selfish ass hats of the coked out 80s, can change for the better. If only they have a Rain Man. 

Dustin Hoffman and Kim Peek, the extraordinary Autistic Recluse Rain Man was based on.

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