Grabbers (2012)

grabbersGrabbers is a creature film that takes place in an island off the coast of Ireland and focuses around the whole town getting shit-faced to survive. Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone.

To celebrate, I tried finding the most Irish movie on Netflix to watch (aside from the Leprechaun, because fuck that shit). With the help of Kris Holt, I decided on Jon Wright‘s Grabbers. The beginning of the film shows a bright, burning light falling down to the ocean surrounding the wee town. So it’s bit of a cross between creature and alien film but without the scares. 

Now I’ll admit most comedy horrors usually verge on the B-movie side, but this one really had no tense scenes where one sits on the edge of their seat. There weren’t any scares at all really. But it’s a fun little film, that really hits it’s stride about half way through, when the characters begin to realize that they have to get their blood alcohol level to a .2 because it makes the leech like “grabbers” sick when they consume the victims blood. Which eventually leads to death (for the grabbers). When they all get wasted, that’s when the real fun begins.

Now that I’m typing that out, it kinda seems like an adult themed Doctor Who episode. Which I would love the hell out of. But unfortunately, Grabbers has a slow start and fails to really grab your attention all the way through. Easy enough to digest, probably a bit more fun if your already drunk and watching with friends. Grabbers could have been better though.

SLEEPER HIT RATING: 2 out of 5 attentive eyes.

2 out of five

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