Wolf Creek 2

wolf creekSo last night my remote decided I wanted to watch 2013’s Wolf Creek 2. I was like:

Sure why not,  it may or may not be torture porn but like, it has 2 stars,  I’ve watched horror movies with a lower recommendation than that.

Now I’ll admit,  I’m not the biggest fan of the torture porn genre of horror.  It’s by far the lowest point of the genres,  but it takes a lot of balls and creativity to come up with some of the ways the killer massacres their victims. That is one point I’ll always give ’em. I also have not watched the original Wolf Creek from shit, was it 2005? I’m writing this on the mobile app,  tough to check that shit.

Anyways.  My bad on not watching the first one beforehand,  but let’s be real, Netflix’s line up has never made much sense with its’ original and sequel availability. Now the two Wolf Creek‘s are based on “real events” of the Outback. And this shit is fucked up but I have to admit, Mitch Taylor (John Jarratt),  our down under killer,  is perfect.  He is just the right amount of sadistic and good guy.  He makes his crazy laughter and situations of the chase fun! How many torture films can say they’re fun? Not many that’s for damn sure.

I was starting to really dig the movie when the song The Lion Sleeps Tonight with a bunch of kangaroos moving to the beat.

But then the kangaroos cross the road during the car chase like a heard of misshapen deer and all the fun goes out the window.

Or more appropriately,  the fun is hit by a 16 wheeler repeatedly.

It’s a tough scene to watch when you’re an animal lover.  Even if you do know marsupials overrun the Outback the same way deer populate the Mitten State. A little later you have to sit through our antagonist Mitch blowing the brains out of our hero’s saviors,  a nice old couple that just wanted to be helpful. Killing off old people in horror movies is just wrong,  to the same statue of killing the family pet. Unless you’re Stephen King, then it’s okay.

Overall,  Wolf Creek 2 is a tough movie to stomach if you can’t stand watching road kill and the elderly shot at. But I mean there are a few moments of gold comedy that makes you really reevaluate your likes and dislikes about the film. One thing is for sure,  I will not be backpacking in the Outback or traveling to Wolfe Creek anytime soon.

SLEEPER HIT RATING: 3 out of 5 attentive eyes.

3 out of 5

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