Animal (2014)

Said Naked-Mole Rat Humanoid Crossbreed

Said Naked-Mole Rat Humanoid Crossbreed

Animal is a 2014 creature feature that is a fun romp through the forest from beginning to end. The film is about 2 bickering biracial siblings taking their significant others, and a 5th gay wheel, to an old family hiking spot for some relaxing exertion? Why do people hike in groups? That’s just asking for trouble, and trouble is delivered.

The cast is filled out by some veteran actors and some newbs which make the movie both tolerable yet difficult to watch at certain points. The old live-action Peter Pan is in it, along with RJ Burger (who I love more than life itself), Big Daddy‘s shitty girlfriendRidge Forrester, and a Nickelodeon star in her first ever horror movie (I’m assuming). It’s a pretty tight cast with only 8 members on screen, which is an interesting take for a creature horror movie.

Oh, and about the creature? It’s like some cross-breed naked-mole rat humanoid beast that lives off of the carnage of hikers dumb enough to stroll into it’s slowly deteriorating turf. And the movie is good! I mean of course there’s a few shitty, poorly-acted scenes in it, but for a horror movie, it delivers on the classic needs: jump scares, odd cast dynamic, a wonderful “clown/jester” character, a whore, a final girl (who spoiler alert! Is totally the whore!), and stupid decisions being made by stupid fucking people who got themselves into an unbelievable situation. It’s near perfect for what it set out to do!

Animal is a fun, quick horror flick on Netflix currently, and Jacki K gives it two thumbs way up! Check it out tonight!

Hades doing two thumbs way up

SLEEPER HIT RATING: 5 out of 5 attentive eyes.

5 out of 5

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