About Reel Thoughts

Art Work by Jeff Soto

Art Work by Jeff Soto

A long, long time ago, (about 10 years) a young girl saw Starskey and Hutch in movie theaters with her mother. Granted it is not the best film by any means, it did create an obsession with viewing films and movies in the theater. Years later I’ve decided to put that obsession to good use. Here on Reel Thoughts of Jacki K you can read my reviews on different films and even some television series. Reviews that are coming from a commoner, like you, I am not a professional writer and I have a broad scope of enjoyment when it comes to films. I prefer watching films from the following genres: horror, comedy, period dramas, sci-fi, certain children animations, action, and adventure. I will watch the occasional rom-com, but for the most part I steer clear of romances. If you cannot find a review to a specific film or TV series but would like my opinion, send me a comment! I will take requests. I look to find other movie fanatics like myself and have debates and conversations with them.

–Jacki K
–Jacki Krumnow
–Jacqueline Krumnow

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