The Manchurian Candidate (Day 10 of 100)

MCWhoa, whoops, so as I was doing my typical Google search to pull up my typical hyperlinks for my reviews, I might have realized I watched the wrong Manchurian CandidateI had not double checked my list, but recalled that The Manchurian Candidate was on my list and I found it on Netflix, little did I realize that I was suppose to watch the original 1962 film, which is not on Netflix. So this review will be for the 2004 film starring Denzel Washington & Liev Schreiber which is not in the top 100 list and ranks with an 81% on Rotten tomatoes instead of a 98% which the original scored. 

The drama, thriller, mystery focuses on soldiers kidnapped and brainwashed during the Gulf War. The scary bit about it though, is that the poor soldiers are brainwashed by American scientists in order to help ‘suade the nation into believing that   Raymond Shaw (Schreiber) is the perfect candidate for the next Vice President of the United States. The plan actually works as well.

The movie is well-acted, a bit hard to follow (which was the purpose), and interesting to watch. Overall, it is a great film to watch for any history buff or conspiracy enthusiasts.  I don’t believe it should be on a top 100 list, but perhaps the original should be.

Rebel without a Cause (Day 05 of 100)

rebel2(I want to apologize for the giant break I took from my Days of Summer, I recently moved and was busy with that giant transition but I have recently been able to view) Rebel Without a Cause which is number 96 on my film list, it replaced 2013’s Gloria, because I figured this 1955 film holds much more cultural significance than a recent film from within the past year. Rebel Without a Cause is also not listed in the Rotten Tomatoes top 100 list but is found on many other Top 100 lists. Continue reading