Zero Hour: Zero Acting, Recycled Plot

Original artwork for ZH

ABC’s new drama Zero Hour, set to premiere on February 14, has potential within its conspiracy storyline, which is unfortunately bogged down by the cast’s mediocre acting skills.

The pilot episode begins with a mysterious scene of Nazis beckoning at the door of a great European Catholic Church which holds a secret older than 2,000 years. This opening scene sets the plot in motion also sets up the audience up for a fast-paced, cryptic episode that leaves the audience asking many questions.

Fast forward 80 some years and we are at a flea market with a couple. The wife, Laila (Jacinda Barret), is a beautiful 30-something year old clock repairer and her incredibly average looking husband is Hank Galliston (Anthony Edwards). Galliston is the publisher of a magazine that focuses on debunking the supernatural. Not only are their occupations utterly absurd for their age and the current time period, but their on-screen chemistry is unconvincing as well. It is depressing to see a network play the ‘hot wife and average husband’ card in a drama of all genres. Continue reading