Meet the Robinsons (What did Jacki K Watch? Day 07)

Meet the Robinsons Poster

I love Disney movies. But really I mean who under the age of 30 does not? We had the privilege of growing up with a new Disney animation film every three years after the frightening story of The Little Mermaid was turned into a delightful Disney animation in 1989. Meet the Robinsons is the 2007  film adaption of the 1990 children’s picture book  A Day with Wilbur Robinson.

I remember watching the movie for the first time in a chinky theater in a college town with a bunch of friends. I believe we came to decide on a Disney animation after I picked one too many horror flicks as the group movie (that flick was 2007 Dead Silence a week earlier). We all adored the show. Rewatching it today I had just as an entertaining experience as I did the first time. But with time comes greater knowledge, and I was able to spot out even more pop culture references that I missed the first time around. Continue reading

1 Girl 5 Gays (What did Jacki K Watch? Day 02)

Today I found myself watching something I had never heard of. Something different, something fun, something a bit raunchy and a lot gay. While visiting a friend today she introduced me to a television channel that I really must have in my life now that I know about it. Said amazing channel is Logo TV and that nifty hyperlink will take you to the homepage of Logo TV where you can watch full episodes of their programs. All of which seem to be edgy yet classic. Original ideas that are fit for today’s times. I feel as though this channel is the birth child of Perez Hilton and Comedy Central, with MTV and E! as the child’s god parents. And I love it. Continue reading

Warm Bodies – Not just a Zombie Twilight

Warm Bodies (2013) has been looped in with the Twilight Franchise ever since the first movie poster appeared, but this movie has much more to offer than any Twilight film. Being a skeptic from the get go my heart did eventually warm up to the idea of a Zom-Rom-Com, most likely because of the catchy TV spots with that damn Black Keys song that is impossible to get out of your head.

(Said song being Lonely Boy, which is even catchier than the TV spot.)

Warm Bodies is easily a modern day, zombiefied, loose adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, so for viewers and critics who claim this is just zombies cashing in on Twilight are seriously missing some cultural background. The main characters are even named Julie and R. R being the zombie love interest (who is hot regardless of the fact that he is dead) can not remember his full name, all he knows is that it begins with an R. Sadly, as much as the overall film screams (or moans) Romeo and Juliet I had not caught on to it until a certain balcony scene. It should have been realized after he couldn’t retrieve his full name and Julie went through a list of ‘R’ names. Continue reading

How I Met Your Mother Officially Renewed for Final Season!

Just two hours ago Entertainment Weekly graced the internet with even better news than the muppet sequel! How I Met Your Mother (my all time favorite current sitcom) has been renewed for its ninth and FINAL season. Personally I ask “why not just round it out to a decade of pure awesomeness?” But I do know that most fans (including myself) are getting pretty d*mn antsy about who the hell the mother is to Ted Mosby’s kids!

It is about time that we find out, but how do you hope season 9 will pan out?

Personally these are my  hopeful  predictions:

  • Season 8 will end with either meeting our elusive owner of the bare ankle OR it  will end in a cliff hanger and we will meet her in the season 9 premier.
  • Season 9 will be based around the courtship between the intangible bass player and ever romantic Ted Mosby
  • Lilly and Marshall will become pregnant again (with a girl this time)
  • Hopefully Barney and Robin will have a happy, successful marriage with only a few typical newly wed problems and bumps in the road
  • Season 9 will either end in the marriage between Ted and future wife or with the birth of their first child. (Unless they are twins)

Well those are my thoughts on the  legendary  news that HIMYM will return for a final season. Apparently there was some hesitance in Jason Segal’s corner. How could the show ever last with out our (and Lilly’s) Marshmellow? I am sure he was hesitant because of how much he is doing outside of the TV series. But I am glad to have him on board.

What are your thoughts on the what could be the season 8 finale? What about the series finale? Comment below and tell me what your own predictions are1\!