Forbidden Planet (Day 03 of 100)

Robbie the Robot never carries this damn bitch in the film. Misleading poster.

The 1956 cult classic, Forbidden Planet, slots in at Rotten Tomatoes‘ #98 top-rated film, mostly for genuine fun reasons. By all means, this film is a classic “science fiction B” movie, that I was surprised to find on the list. Usually, one does not find “B movies” in a top rated list, but MGM’s tale of a nearly abandoned planet, a humorous robot, and a father that has inexplicably kept his daughter away from all human contact, makes it on to the tail end of the list. Continue reading

Mars Attacks (What did Jacki K Watch? Day 19)

Mars Attacks poster

Mars Attacks poster

This past weekend Jacki K ended up drinking a lot more than she watched TV or movies. Some movies Drunk Jacki did watch this holiday weekend was 21& Over, Independence Day, and Mars Attacks. Guess which one I’m going to write about on today, July 8th, the 66th anniversary of the Roswell UFO crashing? (PS You’re supposed to guess before you read the title.) Did you guess Independence Day? Well, since I should have written that review on the fourth and didn’t you would think today would be an appropriate day right? NOPE, just kidding this review is on the quirky-cult favorite Mars Attacks.

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