The Princess and the Frog (What did Jacki K Watch Day 27)

Princess and the frog poster

Princess and the frog poster


Don’t get me wrong, I actually really enjoyed The Princess and the Frog. For the longest time I refused to watch it because I was under the biased assumption that it looked extremely racist. But then tumblr got to me, and I kept seeing posts that were incredibly too cute to pass up.

Before I explain you a thing, I do want to say that the animation of this film is beautifully done. In a previous post I ranted about how this film was the last hand-drawn film to be made by Disney. The scenery is wonderfully drawn and just breath taking in general. The movie also had many funny, cute, and adorable moments and jokes. And the characters are interesting enough to watch for 90 minutes. I especially enjoyed the jazzy alligator Louis. Continue reading

Meet the Robinsons (What did Jacki K Watch? Day 07)

Meet the Robinsons Poster

I love Disney movies. But really I mean who under the age of 30 does not? We had the privilege of growing up with a new Disney animation film every three years after the frightening story of The Little Mermaid was turned into a delightful Disney animation in 1989. Meet the Robinsons is the 2007  film adaption of the 1990 children’s picture book  A Day with Wilbur Robinson.

I remember watching the movie for the first time in a chinky theater in a college town with a bunch of friends. I believe we came to decide on a Disney animation after I picked one too many horror flicks as the group movie (that flick was 2007 Dead Silence a week earlier). We all adored the show. Rewatching it today I had just as an entertaining experience as I did the first time. But with time comes greater knowledge, and I was able to spot out even more pop culture references that I missed the first time around. Continue reading

Oz the Great and Powerful-More like Oz the Good and Conning

Oz the Great and Powerful  is a visual splendor of oohs and aahs but lacks in telling a congruent story to our beloved Wizard of Oz which has aged gracefully in our piercing eyes. Oz is packed with cleverness and wonder but one must consider how poor some of the scripting was, which seemed to have been phoned in by some of the cast.


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Harrison back as Han?

If some of you did not have the best day yesterday, considering it was the ever frivolous hallmark holiday, I have some great news for you! Star Wars fans a like can rejoice in the news that Harrison Ford will be back playing Han is some manner. I heard the news first on Do I know if it will be for one of the individual character spin offs or the soon to be updated trilogy? I have no freaking idea.

It is a bit to early in the game to know what he is doing and if its just for the money. I have some vague recollection that back in the day Harrison hated the Solo character. Which is why Lucas froze him off in carbonite in The Empire Strikes Back. I wonder if it is his old age that makes him reminisce  for his older films (like Indian Jones) or if Disney is just paying him a boat load of money.

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