New Girl (2013 Fall Premieres)

Season 3 of New Girl opens up with no time lost between Season 2’s final episode. And season 3 seems like it will keep on delivering the quirky, adorable laughs that Zooey DeschanelJake Johnson (Nick), Max Greenfield (Schmidt) and Lamorne Morris (Winston) delivered in the first 2 seasons.

The season opens up with Jess and Nick arriving back at the door of their loft after they decide to go “all in” with dating one another. It’s surprising that they are continuing with this development considering that every sitcom ever usually relies on the “will they, won’t they” tactic, they played that card pretty early on. Not to mention Jess being taken revokes any further chance of the parade of gorgeous men through the apartment. And come on, Jess had some pretty men strolling through all her hallways.  Continue reading

Mars Attacks (What did Jacki K Watch? Day 19)

Mars Attacks poster

Mars Attacks poster

This past weekend Jacki K ended up drinking a lot more than she watched TV or movies. Some movies Drunk Jacki did watch this holiday weekend was 21& Over, Independence Day, and Mars Attacks. Guess which one I’m going to write about on today, July 8th, the 66th anniversary of the Roswell UFO crashing? (PS You’re supposed to guess before you read the title.) Did you guess Independence Day? Well, since I should have written that review on the fourth and didn’t you would think today would be an appropriate day right? NOPE, just kidding this review is on the quirky-cult favorite Mars Attacks.

Continue reading

Game of Thrones (What did Jacki K Watch? Day 15)

The back of the throne

The back of the throne

Yesterday a friend finally sat me down and forced me to begin watching Game of ThronesSomething I was avoiding because it was impossible to watch anywhere aside from HBO. And the fact that their DVD sets are outrageously priced. So there was a lot keeping me from this new cult phenomenon of a mystical world. I am currently 3 episodes in and I have to say, after a rocky start, I am ready for more Game of Thrones. Continue reading

Smallville (What did Jacki K Watch? Day 12)

Season 3 DVD box

Thank god, Lois Lane replaces that Lana Lang bitch in next season

After watching Man of Steel on Monday, I claimed how the movie would be loads better if they just casted the same actors from Smallville into the film. Me being the stubborn bitch that I am, I decided to go back and finish the series. I never ended up watching the entire series due to conflicts (going to college and all can really eat up your nights) so I just kept buying the box sets telling myself I’d get back to it one day. Well that day was today. I wanted to start at season 4 (I left off somewhere in season 5 but wanted to backtrack) but began at season 3 instead because 4 is at my school apartment and I am at home for the summer. Pretty much a bunch of petty bull shit you probably don’t care about. Continue reading

Meet the Robinsons (What did Jacki K Watch? Day 07)

Meet the Robinsons Poster

I love Disney movies. But really I mean who under the age of 30 does not? We had the privilege of growing up with a new Disney animation film every three years after the frightening story of The Little Mermaid was turned into a delightful Disney animation in 1989. Meet the Robinsons is the 2007  film adaption of the 1990 children’s picture book  A Day with Wilbur Robinson.

I remember watching the movie for the first time in a chinky theater in a college town with a bunch of friends. I believe we came to decide on a Disney animation after I picked one too many horror flicks as the group movie (that flick was 2007 Dead Silence a week earlier). We all adored the show. Rewatching it today I had just as an entertaining experience as I did the first time. But with time comes greater knowledge, and I was able to spot out even more pop culture references that I missed the first time around. Continue reading

1 Girl 5 Gays (What did Jacki K Watch? Day 02)

Today I found myself watching something I had never heard of. Something different, something fun, something a bit raunchy and a lot gay. While visiting a friend today she introduced me to a television channel that I really must have in my life now that I know about it. Said amazing channel is Logo TV and that nifty hyperlink will take you to the homepage of Logo TV where you can watch full episodes of their programs. All of which seem to be edgy yet classic. Original ideas that are fit for today’s times. I feel as though this channel is the birth child of Perez Hilton and Comedy Central, with MTV and E! as the child’s god parents. And I love it. Continue reading

The Great Gatsby, Movie of the Summer?

Poster workThe Great Gatsby is a visually astounding and striking film that will leave you breathless with pain and want. This all coming form a person who yes, read the book in high school ( about six years ago), and probably enjoyed the novel mediocrely, and no did not reread before watching to pick out every damn little flaw and compare and contrast the novel to the movie. I am not a purist when it comes to those details, and I must insist that you do not put yourself under the same strain. Please, as a movie goer, understand that novels and movies are two different forms of entertainment. You can not put the same pressure as a book onto a movie, and you cannot expect a book to be as visually stimulating as a movie. Now that I have explained this to you, I will get back to the movie review. Continue reading

Hemlock Grove: To Binge or Not To Binge?

hemlock grove welcome signNot to binge. This Netflix series is one sad excuse of something that had great potential but fell flat after its first episode.

Beware, this review is rated PG-13 borderline R.

Lets back up a little bit though. The first I heard about Hemlock Grove was when I decided to listen to my Pandora station a few weeks ago. They aired a commercial for this horror genre TV show that would be loading up on Netflix all at once. I was pretty excited, I never read the book which is what the show is based off of, but a new TV series that was done by Eli Roth? It sounded right up my alley! Continue reading